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Armed Robbers And Not Boko Haram In Adamawa

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Armed Robbers And Not Boko Haram In Adamawa

Newsfact Online

According to a report by NEWSMAN, visits to several villages and towns in Adamawa State has shown that rather than Boko haram operating there, the state has only witnessed cases of armed robbery attacks in recent times.

Many residents of Yola and communities like Mubi, Jada, Mayo Belowa and Ngurore said the hot political temperature in the state and factionalisation of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) may have led to Adamawa’s inclusion with Borno and Yobe State in the state of emergency proclaimed by the Federal Government.

Mallam Ahmed Sajo, the Director of Press to Governor Murtala Nyako also confirmed the peoples views.

While pledging to cooperate with military authorities in the entrenchment of the emergency rule, Sajo said the state did not have one tenth of the boko haram attacks in Kano State or killings of security personnel like Nasarawa State or crises like Plateau State to have deserved the slamming of a state of emergency. He blamed some Abuja-based Adamawa politicians of playing dirty politics and elevating personal interest above that of the state.

On the insinuations that it is because Adamawa borders Cameroun and Borno State. The Director of Press said that not withstanding, there was no reported cases of Boko haram insurgents camping or entering into the state to frequently operate as they do through their modus operandi in Borno and Yobe States.

The Director of Press said the state government on Friday ordered the closure of the borders along the fifteen communities within the state and Cameroun.

In a chat with the military authorities in charge of the state, Lt. Jaafaru Nuhu, the Army Public Relations Officer of the 23 Armoured Brigade, Yola confirmed the imposition of a 6am – 6pm curfew on the state but will not say more as he had not yet received orders from Abuja.

However, one military source disclosed that the state is relatively peaceful except for cases of armed bandits who operate in localities where policemen were earlier withdrawn by police authorities. The source revealed that the army had in times past made the state difficult for Boko haram insurgents to locate a base there. 

Visits to several places, Adamawa people were at peace with themselves and have been cooperating with military authorities on the 6am – 6pm curfew imposed on the state.

The residents are however appealing to the military to reduce the curfew hours so that Muslims can always have their congregational prayers in the evening and early morning.

The religious relationship between Christians and Muslims in the state is harmonious. Noticed also is a huge level of cooperation between both religions in the state with even Christians appealing to the military to help reduce the curfew hours for the sake of their Muslim brothers to observe congregational prayers.

Sumner Shagari Sambo filled in this report.

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