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Chinua Achebe laid To Rest


Chinua Achebe laid To Rest
As the great writer, Literary Expert, Novelist Professor Chinua Achebe is laid to rest in his home town in Ogidi Anambra State Nigeria, many troop in from all around the world to pay homage to the late Nigerian novelist.

Chinua Achebe was buried on the 23rd of may 2013 in his home town, a community where he touched lives with his wealth of words. Many of the youths in the home town of Ogidi say Achebe has given them the opportunity to learn and pay more attention to education. Some confirm that the late Achebe helped by providing scholarships which contributed immensely in shaping their future.

President Goodluck Jonathan in his words during his speech at the St Phillips Anglican Church said he never met Professor Chinua Achebe during his life time but has come across most of his books which have inspired him.

He said the book “There was a country” one of Achebe works which views the political situation in Nigeria and the corruptions of government in power has however appreciated the 2011  elections because there was an improvement in the country electoral process.

Jonathan in his words while rounding up ask the questions” for those of us holding political offices we should asked ourselves have we changed?

Among the guests at the funeral service is the President of Ghana  John Mahama who acknowledged the works of Chinua Achebe. He says Achebe’s works have inspired his writings and shaped his formative years as a student and leader.

Chinua Achebe died in Boston USA, on March 21 at the age of 82 years.

Adeola Adeleke reports from Anambra.

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