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Former FCT Minister At War With Gaduwa Residents


Former FCT Minister At War With Gaduwa Residents

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Fellow Nigerians, take a look at the first picture on the left, it is the view you will get when driving OUT of our gate at Gaduwa Estate, Abuja. On the left of the picture (right by the car you see in the picture) you will see a new SHOPPING MALL that was just built last year (I will tell u about the shopping mall in a jiffy). On the other side of that road also is a newly built lounge/ joint. The lounge and the shopping mall is divided by a road. What I am saying is that it is the road that you see in the picture that divides the shopping mall and the lounge and it is the ONLY FUNCTIONAL ACCESS TO OUR ESTATE and it was built by Federal Ministry of Housing in 2004. The second picture is the reverse view of the gate as seen when entering the estate (meaning if it was you that took the shot of the second picture, the shopping mall will be by your right and the lounge by your left).
Now the Mall and the lounge are owned by a certain CHUKA ODOM who served as an inconspicuous Federal Minister of State for FCT under one of the previous governments (I think during the Yar’adua administration). Mr. Odom obviously got the land allocated to himself when he was in office. But wait a minute folks, that is not the story; very difficult to conceive is the fact that the ONLY ACCESS ROAD, YES the one you see in the picture with the car is allocated to him as part of HIS LAND. Can u believe that? That means his allocation includes the place where he built the mall on the left on picture 1, plus our access road plus the place where he built the lounge on the right. When he wanted to start construction he actually made an effort to close our road, but our residents association led by Air Commodore Victor Udoh wrote to the FCT, which with initial wisdom then divided “his land” into two, so our access road that was built in 2004 (at least 5 clear years before his allocation) and commissioned by President Obasanjo could remain to serve the thousands of us that reside in the estate.
Well Mr. Odom has completed both projects. The lounge is a nuisance we have now come to tolerate and the mall has put undue pressure on our limited infrastructure, but in the spirit of peace we have accepted him as a neighbor. Well it seems despite the successful launch of both ventures, Mr. Odom remains unsatisfied until he adds OUR ROAD to his assets. In pictures 3 and 4 you will see that our estate fence has now been demolished a couple of meters near the gate. Upon inquiry, we were told the demolition was carried out by the FCT Development Control Unit, who now say we have to build a NEW GATE where they have opened along the fence and construct a NEW ROAD to as well. Gaduwa Estate was in existence, before Mr. Odom was ever allocated what should be the land for frontal garden to our estate and our only access road.
We the residents of Gaduwa Estate have worked assiduously to make our estate a place we can live in peace, comfort and pride with our families with very little support from the government most times and we will resist vehemently the effort by the FCT to please their former boss by making our lives miserable. We are in the process of writing a petition to d Public Complaints Commission and will also consider LEGAL ACTION if this foolishness does not cease immediately. NAIJA SHA….
Bayo Ajagunna wrote from Abuja.

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