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NASS Adopts Amended Proclamation Of Emergency

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NASS Adopts Amended Proclamation Of Emergency

The National Assembly yesterday adopted the harmonised version of the proclamation of emergency rule, granting President Goodluck Jonathan approval to use from state and local government funds to sustain security in affected states.

The conference report of the Senate and the House of Representatives was yesterday presented to the House in plenary for approval by the chairman of the conference committee, Hon Albert Sam-Tsokwa.

The provision for compensation of victims of terrorism before and after emergency rule was also deleted in the final copy.

Both the Senate and House however agreed that the powers of the President in administering the state should be limited to “security and maintaining of peace and order on;y”.

Speaking further on theamended proclamation later in a press briefing, deputy spokesman of the House, Hon.  Afam Ogene, said the amendments were not necessarily against the present administration of emergency rule in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states, but to guard against abuse of the provisions of the proclamation in any way.

He said, “Our concern is not just for the immediate but because of the tendency for someone who is interested in security vote funds to just prolong the action or carry out a similar action in other states”.

Going further, the lawmaker reiterated the point that the National Assembly is bent on ensuring that democracy is preserved at all times, especially during  times of emergency rule.

“The difference between the gazetted copy sent by the President and the one we passed is to protect democratic structures. Whatever is going to be done will be done as it concerns the security of the 3 states”, he added.

Commenting on why there was no alteration of the duration emergency rule should last, Ogene explained that a stipulated time would limit military stay in the affected areas even when they have finished their job.

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