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Benue state Governor Gabriel Suswan gives account of his stewardship : A TESTIMONY OF LIES.


Benue state Governor Gabriel Suswan gives account of his stewardship : A TESTIMONY OF LIES.




1) I inherited a state in its worst situation ever.


2) The Fulani herdsmen who terrorist Benue people are not Nigerians.


3) I have empowered farmers in all part of the state. They now own tractors given to them by state government even in remote areas.


4) There is food everywhere now in Benue. Farmers no longer complain of poor roads to transport their produce as there exist good roads EVERYWHERE.


5) The government before mine grounded most state-owned industries.


6) I have transformed the state secretariat to the satisfaction of all civil servants.


7) I operate an inclusive government. I have appointed members of opposition parties as my aides.


Benue teachers demand is unrealistic. The state does not have such funds.


On the Ebora of Owu 18 page treatise to Goodluck Jonathan, JP governor Suswan refused to clear the air about the role he played as witness when Jonathan sold his constitutional rights before the council of Selectorates cum Kingmakers that he won’t contest in 2015, that all he needed to transform the country is a single term.


Benue citizens that is “Mr Infrastructure ” and a confirmed Abuja errant boy for you!


What a glowing testimony and display of crass incompetence and misgovernance! The jury is out on Suswan and his teaming army of locust occupier in the Food Basket nation. They are a bunch of mediocre. I put them down as an accident of history and specimens for our museum of post colonial tragedies!


Suswan and his team are a calamitous catastrophe of gargantuan proportions on the Food Basket Nation. There place in our museum of post colonial atrocities is reserved. Future generations of Benue indigenes surveying the catacombs of our ruins shall wonder how such a gifted people allowed themselves to be brought to ruin by the worst species of Homo erectuses!


I rest my case!

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