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The Best Governors of 2013


The Best Governors of 2013


The Best Governors of 2013


We cannot say they are without their problems or that their developmental programmes have affected the masses much. We cannot say they have improved the healthcare of their people and we cannot say they are less corrupt than the worst governors we have mentioned earlier. We can say they have tried more than their colleagues in all its ramifications that even their people have commended them and other Nigerians have done the same. We will start from number one to to where we end.


(1) The Governor of the year 2013 is Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State. His people have said the man did a tremendous job of changing Akwa Ibom State into a small London that it attracts tourists from all over the country. There is no governor that has been praised by his people like Godswill Akpabio in recent time. As his secondd term draws nearer Akpabio continues to work hard for his people. NEWISSUES congratulate Godswill Akpabio for coming number 1 in 2013.


(2) Fashola, the governor of Lagos State, is the second best governor of 2013. Anyone who knows Lagos will tell you Fashola’s reforms has transformed Lagos. Fashola does his thing and doesn’t care about what people say as long as he believes it is the right thing to do. Managing Lagos is not an easy job.


(3) Two governors are in number 3 position of our poll. The first being Governor Alu Wamakko of Sokoto. Wamakko may not be a noise maker and does not go about bragging about his achievements but the man has achieved so much. There has been free education in Sokoto State all these while but a lot of us are not aware ot it. Alu Wamakko is the first to build an almajiri school before the administration of Goodluck Jonathan embarked on the project. He has one of the best mass housing project in Sokoto State. Wamakko brought back the neglected Sokoto State government hotels to first class hotels comparable to anytime of its type arouund the world. He build primary schools, hospitals and commissioned the Sokoto State University few months ago.


Kwankwaso is one of the best governors in the country. He has given scholarships to hundreds of Kano State indegenes to go and study abroad. He has kwankwaso has embarked on sanitising schools in Kano by making sure quality teachers are teaching students. He has also invested so much in housing. Kwankwaso howver needs to do more as majority of Kano State indegenes have not feel the whole Kwankwaso transformation agenda.


(4)Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola(State of Osun): Rauf Aregbesola has done well in human development projects such as education, poverty alleviation and constructions of road and provision of portable water for his people. We peer him with Rochas Okorocha for 2013. Rochas Okorocha’s popularity is beginning to dwindle even in his state as people are beginning to question his government’s credibility and his too much promises as it hasn’t yet translated into the paradise Rochas promised the people of Owerri.


(5) Sen Razaq Abiola Ajimobi(Oyo State): Oyo State governor has done well too. Compare to the previous governor he has been applauded by his people as he has done a comendable job for his people in all areas of governance.

We will peer him with Gov. Shettima of Borno State who despite Boko Haram attack on Borno State has continued to work for his people. The Governor has tried to bring peace to his State through dialogue and has continued to do that.


(6) Adams Oshiomole came sixth because despite being consistent we still expect more from him.

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