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In some hours time, His Excellency Governor Yero of Kaduna State will hit the road to Southern Kaduna on a Christmas day visitation. His itinerary shows that, he will visit some Chiefs and end the day in Kafanchan- where he will make time for political class and religious leaders from the place.


This is about the first time (since 1999)that a moslem Governor will spend his 25th December in a Christian dominated side of the state. This is history, and it will stand on his record.


However, tongues are still rolling on the real intention of Governor Yero’s Christmas day visit. Two theories have so far emerged: one, political ; and two, spiritual . A critical perusal shows that, political reasons instigated his action not spiritualism or believe in Christmas and Christ( the name above all names).


I hope the custodians of our cultures(Monarchs), political class, clergymen, and youth groups he will meet will tell him point blank that:


1) We needs men back at site in roads Yakowa gave before his death in 15/12/2012. Men had since left sites for reasons unknown to us.


2) I hope they will tell him government’s lackadaisicalism and ineptitude in handling security in Southern Kaduna – has made Southern Kaduna a slaughtering slap of local terrorist in conjunction with their international groups.


3) Hope they will show concerns about brazen demolition of Yakowa’s legacies of peace, equal treatment of citizens irrespective of their ethno-religious leanings.


4. Hope the political class and other groups wouldn’t rush any endorsement of Yero’s 2015 ambition without proper negotiation or getting a good deal.


I wish Governor Yero and his people safe trip. But wait a munite, will he be part of any mass the way Yassir Arafat used to attend Christmas day service in the church of Nativity in Bethlehem? We are all ears and live to see in a few hours time.


And to all brethren… merry Christmas. I love you all.

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