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IJEBU STATE looks like the Story of Iya Ibeji.


IJEBU STATE looks like the Story of Iya Ibeji.


In the primitive era, among the tribe of the Oracle in the old Western Region of Nigeria,  the descendants of the Oduduwa noted to be the largest group of people with twin births  all over the world, no one could give a reason for this explosive human creation through twin birth, some associated it with the type of local yam they eat, but somehow, twin birth and how the involvement of the tribe had elevated it to local deities called Orisa Ibeji  could not be defined, the first  of the twins is called Taiwo or Taye for short, the second birth is called, Kehinde, or Kenny.


The Yoruba believed a family ones blessed with twins must not stop at the birth of twins alone without completing the next two births called Idowu and Alaba.  Idowu in the primitive era was also regarded as the custodian of the twins, the trouble maker, and must be worshiped like the gods of twins, Idowu mode of worship was the  local beans, called Ewa and it must be placed in three plates to be distributed to the neighbors, Alaba was the most gentle and less feared of the quadrupled of Yoruba belief in human creation hence they say “Die ni ta Alaba  ninu oro Ibeji” meaning Alaba should not be too much concern with the problem of the Twins, the dirty job of protecting the Twins significantly belongs to the Idowu  with his “Ikere leti” Yoruba often called Idowu Ogbo a bikerele leti and any place where the shrine of the gods of the twins is located in any part of the Yoruba land that of Idowu must be, it was and probably still is the way the Yoruba worship gods before Christianity and Islam came to our people.


The Oracle was born after the set of Twins and my name was Idowu. I   also watched how my maternal grandmother in our village at Alagbon, very close to Wasimi between Abeokuta and Ewekoro worshiped the gods of twins, diligently, each time we went there on vacation in the sixties. Later in life, things fell apart, for most Africa religions, the worship crumbled, the ashes became wet, the gods became hungry, the modernization became the order of the day, the local gods became history, we now follow what we call the light, we took Holy communions, we were Baptized, we now preach the Gospel, we shout Halleluiah but we never forget our history.


Because infant mortality rate was so high in those days, most deaths due to lack of proper health programs or vaccinations, were associated with witchcrafts, wizard and unfriendly eyes of the enemies, most of them lost their children and ones a mother of twins always a mother of twins, you will be called the name for ever, Iya Ibeji  (mother of twins)  like most of the mothers in the Yoruba land or in West Africa, it is a taboo to call any woman by her first  name, she must be associated with the name of her children, hence we have Mama Tope for the mother of Tope, it is the custom of the Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Ishekiri, Edo, Urobo  and most of the tribes in Africa, unlike here in the United States of America where a kid can call you by your first name and get away with it, in Africa, you will get a smack in the mouth, it is called “Arifin” (rude) Lol


Any mother of the twins must never publicly accept the death of her children, if she was accidentally asked for the welfare of the late children “she must respond by saying the twins went to Lagos” or they traveled overseas. Hence the Yoruba often say, stop fooling yourself like the mother of the twins.


What has this epistle have to do with the demand for Ijebu State one of the provinces deprived of state creation by all the previous administrations in Nigeria, despite the need for it, but the Oracle says, it may be like the story of Iya Ibeji and her late Children because it may never happen.


The Ijebu in Ogun State had the opportunity when General Diya was number two man to General Sanni Abacha, all he could get was just Odogbolu local government, sometimes they say there this no do it over again in life, moment is part of history, if you fail to take the current the moment  when it serves you there is always the tendency  to lose the  venture  if the politics of the National Assembly will be taken into consideration, which will require two third majority to change the constitution of the country to effect any meaningful peg in any  state creation.


Let us look at this scenario, we table a request for Ijebu State to the State House Assembly first, to show we are serious at it, National Assembly will accept it for consideration, this process to the best of my knowledge has not been done with Ogun State House of Assembly, but let us assume we forward it to the National Assembly with request from other states.


In the present Oyo State  there will be a request for  Ibadan State and  Oke Ogun State  about three states request in the West of Nigeria alone, let also assume   all the six zones of the country sends in three request each, we are looking at 18 new states in addition to the 36 states we have now that will be 54 that is if  we  all grant each other requests,  but if we ask Oyo state  to forget Ibadan and Oke Ogun States how can we persuade  Oyo state House of Assembly to ratify the creation  of Ijebu State because of constitutional amendment process, that is even among the Yoruba alone, how will it be possible to persuade other zones in the East, South South, NW, NE to grant  a request that will favor the Yoruba while they forgo their own request.? Think about !!!!!



The Oracle does not like being fooled like the “Iya Ibeji” the Speaker Aminu Tambuwal who came to Ojude Oba festival was fooling the Ijebu people, all those promising Ijebu State are not telling the truth, the road map to the creation of Ijebu State does not look real, only creation of Mayoral System of Government for all the Cities of Nigeria can be the panacea to creation. if the Ijebu are serious about the state they have to do more than just inviting people for talk talk alone, table the request formally  for discussion at the state Assembly for debate and ratification, it will become the will of the state but the present mode is more like a pipe dream. Take this gospel truth from the Oracle, maybe the Ijebu are not actually interested in the new state. Are they? Just like to Oracle asked the Igbo if the wanted the Republic of Biafra to table it formally at the National Assembly instead of making noise, the same advise is for the Ijebu in Ogun State, table  the request first with the State House of Assembly for adoption them we take it from there, it is unfortunate  the Oracle from the Egba will be giving the the Ijebu the tips on how to get this done, because I believe the province is not treated right by system, may be the Egba knew how to get it done.  Baaa waa. LOL



Zents Sowunmi: The author of Ogun State: The Policy of Manipulation Since 1976”  available with your local bookstores in Abuja, Lagos, Abeokuta, and Ibadan




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