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Junaid Muhammed, The Asari Dokubo of Northern Nigeria


Junaid Muhammed, The Asari Dokubo of Northern Nigeria



Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari may come out to rant about whatever he wants on television, radio and newspaper interviews, and talk about Nigeria’s disintegration if Goodluck Jonathan did not win and all that, but you and I know that it ends there. I have never heard the people of River State come out to attack any Nigerian over political issues or difference in ideology. I have never heard the people of Niger Delta take to the streets to start killing people even over the issue of their oil taking care of Nigeria and all. In fact whenever there is ‘wahala’ in the North and angry Igbos start retaliating, the Hausas and other northerners cross the Asaba bridge from Onitsha into Asaba to seek refuge. The Niger Delta may have their problems but not to the level of taking to the streets to start killing others because someone incited them. Mujahid Dokubo-Asari is not even that popular among the people. Some of masses see him as an elite now and not fighting for the masses, others see him as fighting for Ijaw Nation, and we have a lot of tribes in the Niger Delta.


The North is a different terrain. People gang up easily to start up problems and people can be easily incited here, easily riled up, to start up serious problems. The politicians here understand that and opportunists use that to become popular. Junaid Muhammed knows that. So the man has been talking. Talking tough and threatening. Unlike Mujahid Dokubo-Asari we must take his threats seriously. After being picked by the SSS for questioning, Dr. Junaid Muhammed told them he was misquoted yesterday. He has signed an undertaking to stop such incendiary statements that can inflame and cause mayhem.


But what is Dr. Junaid Muhammad’s problems? He has been quoted saying severally that if Goodluck Jonathan contest in 2015 there will be violence. In early 2012, he gave a controversial interview where he said the North of Nigeria was ready to break up and go its separate way. After his “blood would flow” remark, Abuja-based lawyer, Kayode Ajulo, released a statement calling on the Inspector General of Police and director of the State Security Services to arrest Mr. Mohammed.


After his release by the SSS, Junaid Muhammed has this to tell Premium Times, “It is all over,” he said in a telephone interview. “They (SSS operatives) were professional in their dealing with me. I can see they are a bunch of educated people who are equally concerned about this country.”


It seems the man has learned his lessons. That’s the good thing about being educated. Dr. Junaid Muhammed must understand perfectly well that violence only gives birth to violence as an educated man. There was violence after Muhammadu Buhari lost election to Goodluck Jonathan in 2011, has it changed anything? Is Goodluck Jonathan still not the president? With the violence all over the North, especially issues like Boko Haram, nobody should be threatening the nation with violence. Being from the North and all Dr. Junaid Muhammed of all people should know that.


Immediately people heard Dr. Junaid Muhammed has been arrested, it was all over the social media because his friends, people like Northern Nigerian activists, Shehu Sani, started screaming about it. I just hope Shehu Sani is advising his friend on the ‘there will be bloodbath if Goodluck Jonathan contest’ statements and other inciteful statements.

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