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Nigeria’s National Flag: Things you don’t know about the Nigerian Flag.


Nigeria’s National Flag: Things you don’t know about the Nigerian Flag.


Did you know that the national flag should not be left outside beyond 6pm? The National flag should be hoisted and flown ceremoniously and briskly at 6am and lowered slowly in the same manner by 6pm everyday. I remember more than 25 years ago when I was in primary school that was usually done religiously and regularly by the Boys’ Scout Club then. Sweet memories of yester-years. I will tell you more about the flag later but let me share some of my personal experience here about how we knowingly and unknowingly, by omission or commission deride our green-white-green national flag, rather than honour it.


One day, I was on my way home. I decided to board a danfo bus (I’ve done that many times before,rather uncountable). Since I was on the plus size, my most favorite spot is usually the seat beside the driver. I targetted and got the seat beside the driver. His bus is new and he appears a funky young driver. He actually put many flags on the front panel of the bus. He had about 12 flags including Nigeria’s flag, APC party flag, Chelsea’s flag, NURTW flag, and that of some other countries like Ghana, Saudi Arabia etc all arranged together and put on the same level. He seemed happy with that “efizzy” arrangement. He was listening to fuji music and dancing on the steering as he was humming the tracts. He appeared a big fan of fuji musicians – Wasiu Alabi Odetola ( Pasuma Wonder ) aka Oganla 1 and Remi Aluko aka Igwe 1, as he was playing their tracks all through the journey. I am not a big fan of fuji music though I listen to it occasionally and liked Oganla 1 amongst other fuji musicians. I disembarked the bus at the last bus-stop.Feeling a little bit tired (ordinarily I used to trek from the bus stop to my house), I decided to take Keke Marwa ( or Keke Napep as it’s called outside of lagos) { commercial tricycle} home. I boarded one and the operator seemed to be another “funky” driver with enough “effizzy”. He too arranged many different flags side-by-side in the front of his tricycle. All the flags were about 16 including Nigeria’s, Ghana’s, APC party, Muslim flag, Arsenal flag and other flags. I disembarked when I got to my destination. It was already late, about 7.30pm. As I walked on my street, I saw the nigerian flag and that of a school in a newly established private nursery and primary school on my street. As I walked towards my house, I thought that isn’t the nigerian flag being abused? Is it being properly used? Isn’t it now becoming an object ignorantly used? I’m not doubting the patrotism of those who used the flags. They appear to be patriots but are just doing things very wrongly. Zeal is one thing, doing things properly is another. Possibly an issue of a wrong / misinformed zeal. I now decided to do a lot of research and reading about the national flag so as to orient my fellow citizens. I also wakawakawaka ( borrowing the words of late afrobeat legend – Fela Anikulapo Kuti). I go many places. I did a lot of going around places,even at odd times to make my full research. This is the reason for this article.To reorient nigerians about our national flag.


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Nigeria’s National Flag: Things you don’t know about the Nigerian Flag


Michael Adeyemi, a medical doctor, blogger, writer, author, social critic, public and social affairs analyst and commentator, writes from Lagos, Nigeria



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