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PEOPLE of the Year 2013


PEOPLE of the Year 2013


(1). Joint Military Task Force (JTF), should be commended for protecting us against the wave of terrorism that threatens to engulf the nation. A lot of our security operatives have died and a lot more are risking their lives fighting to keep us safe. JTF are the first of our list of People of the Year 2013.


(2). The Super Eagles and the Golden Eaglets’ performance this year where they won the Nations’ Cup and the Under 17 World Cup make our footballers second in the category of people of the year 2013. These sportmen played as one, as a team, and they brought us all joy.


(3). The Nigerian Bloggers have kept government of its toes. We must commend the efforts of individuals and groups who have used their blogs to educate, entertain and put the Nigerian government on their toes. A lot of these bloggers risk their lives by talking in a country like Nigeria where challenging authority can be dangerous.


(4). ASUU:- Despite the long strike, ASUU stood their ground and made that ultimate sacrifice so that University can get qualitative education and amenities in the universities can improve so that Nigerian schools can be compared to its counterparts around the world.


(5) Nollywood, Kannywood and the Music Industry: Nigerian actors and musicians dominated the airwaves. They have entertained us, being part and parcel of our daily lives and have made our nation proud. The government should really encourage this blossoming industry.

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