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Unequally Yoking (Part 10).Z


Unequally Yoking (Part 10).Z


When John left Pastor PJ standing in front of the Church , he drove straight home to see his son, Samuel,  he found him sleeping in his own room, he was worried on what the Oracle told him, before you do the DNA test on the paternity of your son, ask three questions from PJ, the Oracle had warned him,  he did as he was told, he examined all the statements from  PJ, he was surprised PJ  did not even deny  he slept with Tina, he said two times, yet he claimed she had abortions for his three times.  It meant they had sex more than the time PJ claimed.



John was now scared on the last hurdle, which was the DNA test on his son, the result of it, could change his life and that of the boy he loved so much for ever, he looked at the boy’s eyes they looked bright and real and innocent, the nose, was like his own and the mouth was small like his mother, he had a birth mark on his face that looked like the one the side face of PJ.



John took the phone book, he searched for the DNA test centers in Memphis, he found six laboratory test centers, he went through the list, somehow, he selected Southland Drug Testing, Inc. on 33294 Poplar Ave. Ste. # 17, Memphis, TN 38151, and he picked the phone number and dialed the eight hundred numbers.



The receptionist was friendly; John asked for the best option on how the DNA sample could be collected between Blood and mouth swap and which one of the two would give a very accurate result between blood sample and mouth swap,  he listened as she read the procedure to him. A DNA swab test can provide enough samples of DNA to test for a match – whether it was for paternity or to prove innocence in a crime. DNA could also be tested with blood or hair samples.



She said further, the swab looked like a Q tip but it was longer than a regular Q tip and contains chemicals which preserve the sample, swabs have a greater advantage over needles – they could be painless and in particular easier to use especially when a child was to be tested. Our lab technicians could simply rotate the swab inside your son’s person’s mouth she told him.


When the epithelial cells had been collected on the swab, the cells which contain the same DNA that was found in the blood, it was not a painful process and one that people shy away from. She recommended a mouth swap than blood sample because of cost and easier transportation, she was very diligent with the explanations particularly when she said a  swab sample does not involve breaking the skin and therefore there the risks are minimal, but Blood collection poses more risks and could be  more invasive as the broken skin.



John scheduled appointment for the next day.



The Oracle was in his shrine in his Apartment in downtown Memphis Tenseness, his Apartment was by the view front overlooking the Mississippi river of Monroe Avenue, he could see the Resident Inn across on the Union Avenue street, and the beautiful street of Beale street and crossing 4th Street, and 2nd Street,  peaceful and quiet, he could recollect his life in Africa,  within the tribe of the Wolof in Gambia, almost  small and narrow country whose borders mirror the meandering Gambia River, His father was a traditional spiritualist from the Mandinke tribes, his mother belonged to the Wolof tribes.



The Balumbas were married for ten years, without any fruit of the womb, until they were told of Oshun river goddess in Nigeria, they went and performed all the rituals before they could be allowed to speak to the priest of the Oshun.


They were warned about the possibilities of any child given by the Oshun, the son that would come out of the blessing through Oshun River would be great, when the baby turned 25 years, he must return at least every five years to the shrine of Oshun to participate in some rituals for higher responsibilities in the works of the Oshun, that was the covenant between the Balumba the Oracle’s father and goddess of Oshun River.



The child must never tell lies, he would speak for Oshun River and powers of Olodunmare in any part of the world, in truth, and undiluted in mist of temptations of the western world, his house or apartment must be painted in white and his shrine must be in back of his inner chamber.



The Oracle kept faith with the policy and doctrines of Oshun, he visited the Shrine every five years, sometimes, he took to the Shrine new converts, and with his good works he was spreading the works of Oshun deity, one of the gods in Africa with special privileges with the Supreme Being in the way the race with first connection with human DNA knew how to talk to controller of human destiny.




Oracle consulted his god in his Shrine at the request of John and the result was for him to return with any of the smallest jewelries of his late wife for punishment for the adulterers and only the return of the ring in the left toe of PJ’s wife could reverse the negative repercussions on the promiscuity of the Pastor. He was waiting for the result of the DNA test.


The result of the paternity test proved John was not the father of Samuel, he was devastated. He  could not tell the little boy, he did not know whether to love him or give him up for adoption, he cried his eyes out, he remembered the law in the State of Texas on DNA test, if you fail to do a paternity test within four years of birth of any child , the law would not allow you to even discuss the result of the test, it was not the same in the state of Tennessee, you could place the child for adoption, the problem was too much for him to handle, his head was pounding, he needed aspirin badly.


John opened his medication box, he took three tablets of Advil PM, he needed a sleep also, he threw them in his mouth, he wanted to take the whole bottle and end his life, but he remember his wife left a note on the secret investment in millions from her promiscuity with the church, it kept his eyes opened and hope alive, he slept off.


It was ten o’clock in the morning when he woke up, he brushed his teeth, and he took a long hot shower, he applied his deodorant and he had a light breakfast with his regular black coffee, he opened the jewelry box of Tina, he removed the thinnest ring and the chain, he placed them in  a small brown envelop, sealed it and tucked it in his side pocket, he headed for the Oracle’s place in Downtown Memphis, it was only a 20 minutes’ drive from his apartment,  he found a parking spot on 4th street, as he was walked to the Apartment of the Oracle, he noticed the different couples walking into the Holiday Inn in the neighborhood, some were kissing, and cuddling each other, he wondered if some of them were there to cheat on their spouses.



The Oracle welcomed him into his Apartment and both of them went straight into the inner part of the shrine, with massive display of cowries, beads, and black chamber pot filled with silky water that could pass for mirror, it was indeed a spiritual mirror in which the Oracle consulted with the Oshun River goddess and Shango the unforgivable god of justice in his spiritual belief, the issue at hand was for Shango to handle not for Oshun.



John handed him the light brown envelop with the jewelry, the Oracle placed it on the tablet of Shango and made some incantations, a movement occurred within the silky liquid of the balk chamber pot, the Oracle threw in five pads of Kola nuts and libation of red oil in it, smokes came out, he quickly removed the light brown envelop from the tablet, he asked John to follow him out of the shrine.



The Oracle asked John, if he knew where PJ lived, John said he knew it; he was there with Tina in the last year of their marriage for the Christmas Carol. The Oracle asked him to drop the jewelry in front of PJ gate and he should be one of the people to attend the service on Sunday to see the result of his covenant with Shango.



John was motivated by the assurance given by the Oracle, he did not go home, he went straight to the front gate of mission house of PJ, and he dropped the thinnest ring on the gate and chain across the drive way, there was no way it could be noticed, it was Saturday evening, he drove back home for the first time in months, he slept well.


What happened in the Church next day?


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