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Unequally Yoking (Part 2).  


Unequally Yoking (Part 2).  


When you die, you can’t secret anymore the very things you jealously kept hidden from the world, friends and enemies will be left unprotected, the world would see you for who you were, it could be shameless, and it could be honorable, whatever it is, you will never be around to defend or argue your case, the verdict of history will chase you forever, in most cases what people keep as secret are usually the dirty stuffs, what Tina had in her close was not ugly, it was stinking.


John was worried, with level of sermon the Pastor hipped on his late ex-wife, he was touched by the comment of an old lady who said, the pastor spoke like a man who slept with Tina, it was the same thing he whispered into the ears of the Pastor.


He was going through all her stuffs one by one, he was reading, her papers nothing to show there was anything between his late wife and any other person, if it was a secret Tina was good at it, he packed everything and was about to move the her green jacket, he found a key holder with PJ which was the nick name for the Pastor, he was almost dismissing any stupid notion until that whispering spirit told him to tarry over his new discovery.


He picked it up, as he was about to get out of the apartment,  when he noticed the little mickey ran behind the refrigerator, he made effort to kill it, he pulled and rolled the big refrigerator out, “Whala” a little pocket bag was neatly, placed, he opened it, there was a CD and some medical records. Why will his late wife keep a bag behind the refrigerator?


He debated within himself if he should read the medical records at least she will no longer need the document, he sat down, his had was shaking, he loved Tina from the first day they met, since they parted, he had slept with lots of women, but none gave him the pleasure like her, he had searched and searched with the hope he would find someone else but like a virus, Tina was all over his emotions and feelings, she robbed him  of his memories, her smiles, her teeth and the way she made love to him could never be  duplicated by any woman, she was the tigress in the bedroom, always in charge of everything.


He remembered how he came to Memphis and he was invited to the Pentecostal Church,  he had left, Dallas for Memphis because of the job and which was very promising, the Church had asked new members to stand up for them to be acknowledged, he was in his best suit with Gucci shoe and Italian leather belt , believe the Oracle John loved himself when he  looked at the mirror before he came to the Church service, sometimes he would say to himself “you are a good looking brother” yes  he was good looking with a pencil lined mustache, and a  seen through eye glasses that will could make any woman steal a  look at him more than five times, he cut his hair low every week, he never failed to apply his colon, and deodorant   he smells good all the time and most women placed him on top of their list but he loved Tina.


They dated for six months, she never allowed him to make love to her until they got married, she said her Bible instructed the Christians to make love to her husband alone, he waited until the night, after the wedding, it was a good night, she was not a virgin, but she was not a loose person, she was tight, she was more than he had expected. He worked so hard to keep his marriage, he lost most of his friends because Tina said so, she picked his new friends for him but his job as traveling medical personnel took him out of the home three days a week those days Tina was always in the Church.


Five years of marriage produced no babies, they ate all the supplements to improve the fertility still nothing came, until John met the Oracle, who introduced him to the golden seal medication, at first Tina would not use it, John said, she was always referring and quoting the pastor on such medications but finally she took it and six months later she conceived when the baby boy came, she named him Samuel and the whole Church came for the Christening of the boy.


Two years was all the marriage had, she filled for devoice and John had to move out, and things were never the same anymore, he sat down, he pushed in the CD in to the CD player , he could not believe what he saw. What did he see?


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