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Unequally Yoking (Part 5)


Unequally Yoking (Part 5)


(Caution adult languages involved)


Retired Mayor Andrew Peterson the Chairman Board of Trustee to the Pinnacle International Gospel Services was literarily a short man, he lost his wife several years ago in a motor accident in Texas, he was stoutly built, his eyes were bigger than usual with an expanded nose, and all his smiles stayed only on his lips, nothing on his greenish eyes like the Cobra ever exposed his inner self, a ruthless business man using the church to cover up his dirty linens ,  what  he lacked in his height, he had it in his third legs, a very huge manhood, almost a foot long, probably  the  longest in the City, it was his only weapon on women, he called it weapon of mass submission  he loved women, but within a parameter of ages, of 35-42 years, usually all his picks were single ladies in the Church or those  who came to the Church more than usual because of simple marital problems at home, only one night  was all he asked from any lady, particularly, those who claimed to have separated from their spouses before they all signed away their divorce decrees.



He loved to see his women morn and cry under him, no woman had been able to play the funny fake orgasm with him, he knew the rope and system, and how to pound and pound, it was the cry of pain on the faces of his victims that gave him pleasure.



However, Tina was different, apart from the sex she gave him once a month with all her toys, the oil, the massaging, uncontrollable domination in the room  with unending feelings that made him to ask for more and more, she added spices to her style better than  the rest of all the ladies  in the Church, she made him to sign a five page document, and the sex  was too much and too good for him to read the whole pages, unknown to him, he was signing away his future he jealously protected in his years as a public servant and three times elected Mayor for the City of Memphis.



When Tina died, Mayor Andrew Peterson , got his memory back from her spell, he had called other trustee members and they all confessed they signed a document with all the other eight ladies, more like the recruiters, for the work of Jezebel, none of them, could lay claim to the details, and maybe the Pastor would have a clue, it was the reason for the meeting and how to move forward. He could not ask for the meeting in Church premise because Jesus Christ may be too close to understands the separation of business from Church.



He walked into his Library, they were all seated, he noticed none of them touched the coffee and several drinks on the table, despite the air condition at almost 65 degree, he could see they all looked as if they needed all the airs in the State of Tennessee, who wouldn’t be? He asked himself, if the press and FBI should get hold of just 10% of what the Church was doing with the money, and sharp practices, they may be out of circulation for a long time, as for him, he was not ready to go to jail because all the victims of his three term hash laws against Child molesters  as Mayor of Memphis would have a good time with him in any of the county jails.



Three days ago, he received a tip  from Gabriel who was his mate in the High School, who worked for the government in Washington DC, those guys were funny and scary, they would never call it FBI, each time he called  by way of social call; but that call was different, he just said, how was the Tina doing? His throat was dried, when he heard the name of Tina,  it was not just a call, and he knew Gabriel was giving him a hint or something like a file already opened on his business, and it was why he had to tighten the loose end.



Mayor Andrew Peterson sat at head of the table, he opened the meeting without the usual prayers from the Pastor, he went straight to the business on hand, and if the Pastor had access to any document from Tina and her crew. PJ cleared his throat; he had expected more than he got from the Board Members, yes, he had the document and members were relieved, they reached for their untouched drinks and coffee for the first time, PJ placed his briefcase on the table, and like hungry kids waiting for candies,  they all wanted to know what they all signed years ago.



The folder called Madam Tina was on the table, almost half an inch thick, it had all the names, finger prints, and photos of each member of the board, and all document were the same, in which they all promised to work for the glory and Church and members alone, nothing secret, just plain Jane document with no string attachment.



Each member reviewed the documents, they were relieved until the Chairmen noticed the sixth page of the document was missing, they all thought all along they signed five pages, what happened to the missing document, they asked the Pastor, who noticed the missing page for the first time himself.



The Board resolved to search Tina’s old Apartment, secret deposit account if the they could  lay their hands on anything incriminating to the Church , it was then, like a flash light,  the Pastor recollected, the message John the ex-husband of Tina  whispered to his ear during the sermon made him uncomfortable, the Board will convey for another meeting next week,  to take stocks of all the activities of the Church, Mayor Andrew Peterson told the Board that will be his last year as the Chairman, the venue for the next meeting would be conveyed to members  solely by the Chairman, the meeting  was adjourned.




PJ  opened his  car’s  glove compartment , to check his two international passports, that of America and the Dominican Republic, the country of his parents, with Visas to Cayman Islands on then, they were all still valid, he could recollect what his brother told him if he ever had any problem with the law, just  make it to the border town of  El Paso in Texas, drop your car with any gas station walk across the downtown to Juarez the border town with the country of Mexico, he would  take over the rest of  for him. He gently placed the two passports in the side pocket of his suit, he packed his car in front of the mission  house,  as he walked in.

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