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Unequally Yoking ( Part 6).


Unequally Yoking ( Part 6).


Jade in her forties was the  first lady of the Pinnacle International Gospel Services, the lady with unending appetite for sex, by the end of the  first year as the wife of the new Pastor to the Pinnacle International Gospel in Memphis ; she had slept with all the members of the Board of trustee, she noticed most of them were sexually weak because none of them  was strong enough to meet her demand, except for the Chairman Board of trustee, she wondered why he could not settle down with a woman,  he had everything a woman could want, the drive and the money.



she had wanted to partway with her husband after sleeping with the Mayor Andrew Peterson, he was the best in her life, he knew how to please a woman, he was patient, slow, and enduring unlike John  her husband full of mouth, but he never wanted to settle down after the death of his wife,  Jade’s  marriage to PJ had been rocky, he had no drive, his manhood was little, she wondered, if he knew how unhappy she was each time he made love to her. She was getting tired of faking orgasm, and in most cases she would be chewing gun while the Pastor would be making love to her.



She gave up on men as soon as she knew the Mayor was never going to be within her reach, she went for the single ladies in the Church and outside the mission, of recent she had stop sleeping with women outside the Church, it could be dangerous, since PJ could not meet up with her needs, she kept a folder on him like a tag to keep her position in the family. She recorded her conversations with all the men she slept with, and kept them in a safe deposit far away in South Padre Island in the South of Texas; it was the trick she got from her mother, who slept with all the men in their neighborhood. When she died most of the men that came to her funeral had at one time or the other gotten a piece of her.



Jade’s father died of heart attack few years after his wife died of ovarian cancer, he was strong and healthy until he stormed into the secret of his late wife, her conversations with all the men some of them were his friends  and recorded videos of all her inequities, he was found dead by the Kitchen table with all the documents, when Jade saw the papers, she destroyed everything and promised herself to be smarter than her mother. She kept all her document in a secret deposit account in South Padre in South Texas far away from the eyes her impotent husband.



As soon as she became bisexual, she found Tina, to be the best, of all,  they went into partnership  into many crimes in addition to sleeping around, they focused more on the revenue which the Church was generating monthly, she planted a computer chip into the system that drew seven cent per dollar from any amount paid through the credit card system, every month both were sharing from secret account that was generating $150,000 within two years both of them had millions of dollars from all the sharp practices  in their secret accounts, the bulk of the fund went  to an account in South Dakota before a programed system  would split it  into 50 percent each to their accounts outside the country.



It was not enough, the sixth missing document on the all the papers the Board of Trustee signed contained all the bank accounts and secret codes of all the investments of the sex starved directors, that alone generated average of 450 thousand dollars  every six months, it was the fund she  distributed among the nine ladies that slept with the board of trustee from time to time, her fear was, the women were getting older, and the men were already looking at the younger ladies to the discomfort of the group.



Tina’s death was a big blow to the group, and a replacement was not easily found, she was the director of the program.  She was restless, without Tina, she was helpless; she had the code to most of the document that could send all the men in the Church to jail for a long time. She often wondered how most of the men could be porous, as soon as they saw a lady’s thigh, and breast,  some them would crawl, or be allowed to be tied like a dog to bed pole, she told the ladies to get their photographs if they wanted extra bonus at the end of the months, and they all did. She wondered if John, Tina’s husband knew something or what he whispered into PJ ears few days ago, she planned to see him.



Jade was still in her world when PJ walked in, he looked dejected and worried, he greeted her casually, he did not kiss her, he  went to his table, what could he be looking for? She followed him with her eyes, in the next five hours it will time for the Sunday service and he was not ready with the Sermon to preach to almost 18,000 members that may likely  be in the church, and he needed a  powerful sermon to keep  the church vibrant, they loved him when   each time he preached  about the imperfections of Apostle Peter in Holy Books, he made the whole congregations to feel the spirit in them, some will cry, some will blame themselves more for all the sins they committed, seen and unseen sins, the singles would hate their boy friends more,  most of the married women would  go home to deny their husband  sex because their body was the temple.


PJ knew the weakness of women more than the men in his Church, they attended the programs more , they were too porous and very attentive in the Church, the men  slept most of the time , or thinking of the next game basket ball and football,  he wondered why those two games were invented at all,  he would stress the offering and donations as the only way top heaven,  PJ would hammer it more and more by the time it was time for offerings they will be too weak to understand, the checks will be rolling in and he would notice the  smiles on faces of the Board of trustee. If PJ was happy, he was not alone, his wife and group of eight women were equally happy because whatever the process the goodwill was spreading around like the rain.


The Sunday service was packed full, somehow, all the members of the Board of trustee were all there, the Choir group had elected Ana as the new lead singer for the group after the death of Tina , she was good and all the activities were in place until it time for the Pastor to deliver his sermon, PJ Stood up, he thanked the Lord for the day, and the whole Church shouted Hallelujah, the sermon was just into three minutes when one of the ushers approached the PJ on the pulpit with a short note, he did not read it,  he placed it in his pocket ,   until the Usher came again and told the Pastor, the sender as asked  him to inform the pastor to read it or he would come to the pulpit to read the note himself.



PJ opened the note it was a few lines statement which asked him to stop the service and see the writer outside the church immediately.


Did he stop the service? What happened next?



Merry Xmas, the Oracle may  continue this story after Xmas or the part 7 this week if time permits.


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