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Unequally Yoking (Part One).


Unequally Yoking (Part One).


The Pastor was almost in tears, when he had to speak at the funeral of one of the Church members, who died of a terminal disease, at the age of 40 years and six months,  he reminded the congregation how Tina gave it all to the Church, all her time and energies, he asked the church to emulate this departed member, who died of lung cancer disease, the south room prayer place would be named after her, most ladies agreed, some rolled their eyes,   as if the Pastor went too far to name a prayers place after Tina, but the  men felt the pastor was right. All the Church members cried, except her ex-husband, and the end of the service he went to whisper something into the ears of the Pastors, what was it?



Tina  was a very beautiful lady, she was tall, elegant, with infectious smiles that could disarm a soldier even in the most difficult area of Iraq, call her the stallion you could be right, she gave her life to the Lord, she served the  Pentecostal Church with all her time and energies, all the four days of the week, she devoted to the Church, on Sunday, she led the Choir, with her melodious voice, on Tuesday, it was the time for digging deep prayer time, she was the most active member, She could pray, she knew all the areas of the Bible to support all her prayers point, Friday night she assisted the Pastor, to organize the night vigil, and by the time she got home early on Saturday she was ready for House fellowship in the evenings, that was the weekly programs of Tina, it was the ritual of  the most beautiful Lady in Memphis Tennessee.



Tina was a single mother who divorced John, for the reasons she was not ready to share even with friends, all they could realize was she changed and devoted all her time to the Church and it was becoming a problem for all her social and childhood friends that migrated from New York to live in Memphis in the eighties. New York was becoming too much of a problem for all the young ladies of her age, no serious men for them, six of them felt they would rather be angels in the  state of Virginia, than to be a one night stand to most men in New York because of the nature of work, and too much time with the traffic and cost of living a new state would be fine, they did not find the state of Virginia different until they moved to Memphis, in Tennessee, the home of the Elvis, and Civil rights movement, they call it the Music City or so, but was better and promising for singles than New York.




Tina was the first to find a husband, and after years of trying and using the golden seal medication which the Oracle recommended for ladies with difficult birth, Tina was pregnant and gave birth to a bouncing baby body, she named him Samuel,  he was  such a darling to his mother, she loved him and ready to spoil the kid, but as soon as the boy turned 2 years, Tina filed for divorce from her husband John , she failed to give details to her friends, she kept to herself more and attended the  Church more to the discomforts of her friends and and associates.


Maybe we should find her a man, they thought, each one of her friends came up with names of eligible men around until they zero the names to Larry Dribs, the middle class African, who migrated from Liberia in the nineties, they talked about his qualities, he was muscular, about six feet tall, nice smiles, hard working and he was making six figures in dollars, he could be a perfect match for Tina they thought.


They called it the blind dates but  when Larry met Tina, she said the chemistry was not there, Larry was not a true Christian, she noticed he drank his beer, and crushed the fish eyes like a merciless man from the jungle, he must be mean in future, if a man could  eat the fish eyes it must be a sign that he might lack feelings in future, she refused to see Larry again.



But her friends never stopped trying; they found another guy, from Puerto Rico , he was a former footballer, a catholic and with two boys from his previous marriage, his wife died in motor accident, but Tina would not see him, she said “ the Bible says “though shall not Unequally Yoke’  because Catholic to the Pentecostals cannot be true Christians, they worship  St Mary the mother of Jesus, they eat Holy Communion as if it is a daily breakfast, they jump when the Pope talk and they can’t be Christians. she concluded.



That was years ago, they gave up on her, somehow, one of the Ladies had dreamt about Tina being pregnant again and when she was told about the dream,  she said, she was never going to have another baby, she devoted more time to the Church, until one day she asked one her friends to escort her to the abortion Clinic, she thought she had made up with her ex-husband and she was not ready for another Baby, John was frequent in the last one year to see his son maybe she was pregnant for him and she was not ready yet, at least that was the impression she gave her confidant and she made her to swear never to disclose this abortion process with any of the four ladies. She promised her to be secretive with it.



When Tina died, it was not been unexpected, the doctor had given her six months to live, and everyone came to spend the last few months with her, as the days were becoming months she was getting mean and mean to all, it must be Chemotherapy treatment they thought, she would curse, and shout at the top of her voice, the pain was too much, she lost her beautiful hair, her eyes sucked deeper and fear was written all over her face.  Death was coming to her door step.



It finally came, she died few months ago. She was buried and the mourning was over, the drums stopped beating, the tears  dried, Tina was gone, she had to be with the Lord, what a good born again Christian who gave everything to the Lord, time and energies, and John the ex-Husband had to clean her apartment, somehow when you die you have no more secret to keep, what did John Find out? coming soon





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Onakoya Adegbemi

Another good one… waiting for Part 2

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Samson Kunle Popoola

Anxious for part 2

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Prince Ahmed Zubair

Oracle you don come again o a dey wait for second stanza.

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