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Unequally Yorking (Part 3)


Unequally Yorking (Part 3)


John rested his head on the couch; he was thinking  of his life with Tina, and the future of his son Samuel, when he pressed the remote control, the picture came up on the 52 inches television screen,  he had given her few years ago, she had wanted the TV for their son’s birthday, it was all she said, before he ran out like a chicken without head to Best Buy stores to get it, if that would make her happy and with the hope the marriage will be fixed, he was ready to do anything for her.



The love of his life Tina, in her beauty was in a bikini pant along with eight other beautiful women, some of them he had seen in the Church, they were all in sexually aroused dressed pattern, by the swimming pool with lots of men, the power brokers of the City of Memphis, from the current and past  Mayors, Chief of Police, and legislators and the Pastor came with his wife to meet with the group that will propel the Church to a 25,000 member capacity if the plans could followed.




All the women were more like marketers, they were to sexually escort the politicians to donate more than tithes to the Church, in addition, they were to do all they could to empty the wallets of the power brokers, the Church in return will tailor the service programs to make sure all the affected donors were in the good book of the society, it was the program Tina coordinated for the Pastor and the Church, they were all signing some papers and what was in it will be known in future.



At first John could not understand if he was watching a movie or the love of his life Tina, he often referred to as an angel,  he saw the mickey mouse again, this time he did not chase it, why must he do that, maybe he should be grateful to the little mickey which made him to see the other side of his unprotected life, the mickey mouse moved to kitchen, he followed it with his eyes, what a beautiful little creature, with a shining tail, glittering eyes, and fast moving lips, not even mindful of the environment, he wondered if the little mickey ever slept at all, he reached for his cigarette, it was the pack of light Mal Borough, he stamped the pack on his left hand palm, he looked it as if it was all the only friend he had now, and he was about to burn the friend, he lighted the cigarette, he drew the smoke straight to his lungs and felt relieved, it does not matter again, he told himself.




All his eight years of thinking how and why his marriage collapsed came to a let go situation for him, he wanted to see the end of the movie but what he saw was more than he bargained for, Tina was naked on the bed, in what could pass for a guest house, she was reading a playboy Magazine until the doorbell rang, he saw how his wife jumped  lie a kid expecting candies from the parent, she ran to the door as if she was expecting the caller, she did not even bother to put on any cloth, as he looked at her he knew how and why he stole his heart, she had the best body in the South to him, looking at her he felt like joining her in the room, as the door opened, the first lady of the Church, the  wife of the pastor came in,  they hugged each other, gradually, and within seconds,  both ladies were naked, their breast were tantalizing, they were kissing each other with all passion anyone could imagine, and touching  all the their anatomical private parts, it was a like lion attacking a helpless prey in the jungle, both women wanted each other like the bees wanted the honey, more like a river needed the ocean, they never had enough of each other.




He thought his wife was the tiger in his relationship, but here, the two women were, they kissed all the parts of their body, and the first lady reached for her bag, she brought out adult toys for sex, and what could be taken as marijuana, they smoked and made love to each other,  with the sex toy, somehow,  John found tears coming out of his eyes. Tina the woman he loved with all his heart, despite everything was a Lesbian.




John cleared his throat, he needed a drink by now as his head was pounding, he also needed the Aspirin now   for it, he kept on smoking but somehow he found himself arousing and was wondering, what these daughters of Jezebel  were going to do next, the doorbell rang and this time, it was the Pastor who came in.  John sat up quickly to the edge of the chair, he wanted to know what the Pastor was going to do; sadly, the light went off, because Tina never paid the light bill in last few months in the hospital. It was difficult to remove the CD; he unplugged the whole CD player, he was grateful to the little mickey, which led him to the discovery, he closed the door gently behind him, and walked to his car, he drove round city, for about 30 minutes, thinking of what to do and what  will be in the rest of the three CDs he found.




John climbed the stairs to this apartment, he did not want to take the elevator, he ran the stairs, like a man chasing the last few steps of his life  until he got to the door of his apartment, the door knob had a note clip to it, it was from the Oracle. It says before you do anything see me, do not even open the door”. Did John open the door to his apartment or he went straight to see the Oracle?  Coming soon


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