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The Widow Politics in Edo State


The Widow Politics in Edo State



Adams Oshiomole knew he has made a grave mistake immediately that video of him taking rudely to a widow hit the internet. Within minutes it went viral. Nigerians were outraged and all Nigerians condemned forgetting political party affiliation and religion. Muslims and Christians, Southerners and Northerners, Nigerians in the Diaspora, young and old, condemned that act.


Oshiomole was a labour leader. A man who has fought for the people. A lot of us remember labour showdown with Olusegun Obasanjo’s government and how an outspoken Adams Oshiomole risked everything to challenge the government on behalf of the Nigerian workers. To see him telling the widow to go and die was shocking, shock turned to anger, and Nigerians who hate monster leaders reacted. They reacted more because it is Adams Oshiomole.


Adams Oshiomole’s image maker must be a wise guy. Oshiomole didn’t argue. He tendered an apology after the video went viral. The PDP in Edo State immediately issued a statement lambasting the governor and immediately talk of starting a trust fund for widows after promising the widow Oshiomole disgraced N250,000. The widow was told to report to the PDP office to collect the money on 3rd December, 2013.


On 2nd December, 2013, which is today, Oshiomole swung into action. He invited the widow to the Government House and tendered his apology with offer of N2million scholarship to her son. The picture is now circulating all over the internet. What we don’t know is whether the woman will still go to the PDP office to collect her N250,000. Somehow Adams Oshiomole’s public relations stunt has work at least for now.


Even though a lot of people are satisfied with this apology, a lot are not convinced. They see it as just politics. Oshiomole is serving his second term so that wouldn’t bother him much except it may hurt his party in Edo State.


The celebrity lady will owe all this to the internet community who made it possible and forced the arrogant king to humble himself and apologise. Politics or no politics, it is these Nigerians who became the voice of the voiceless and changed the destiny of the widow and made a power drunk Oshiomole realise that power corrupts.

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