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The Worst Governors of 2013 (The First Three)


The Worst Governors of 2013 (The First Three)


We are at the grand finale series of the worst State Governors in Nigeria. The whole idea is not to blackmail anybody but to make them know they should and must improve. It is to make them know what people think of them. So we will start from the third runner up.


(3) The third worst State Governor in Nigeria is Kogi State Governor, Idris Wada. Since becoming governor no one can pin point what he has done in the area of human or infrastructural development. Reckless, his convoy had an accident twice within a short while, one killing his ADC and the other killing the former ASUU boss. Wada like his predeccessor Ibrahim have not been able to do what Prince Abubakar Audu did in Kogi State. Wada is the third worst governor in Nigeria.


(2) The second worst governor in Nigeria is Murtala Nyako. The old man hasn’t done much in his State. One would think as an old man, Murtala Nyako should do something different for posterity to remember him. Murtala Nyako is busy with the whole PDP and APC politics, has been so absolve in it, you will think he did something in his state. The man is a total failure as far as governance is concern.


(1) THE WORST GOVERNORS IN NIGERIA FOR 2013 ARE Niger State Governor, Babangida Aliyu and Governor Tanko Al Makura of Nassarawa State. Babangida Aliyu, nick name the Billboard governor is known for displaying his billboard all over Minna, the Niger State capital. The governor had the billboard of him and his daughters made when his daughters got married some couple of months ago. We don’t know if the billboard were with his personal money or State Government’s money. The road to Minna from Abuja and the roads around Minna are some of the most terrible roads in Nigeria. Babangida Aliyu is one of the most noise making and unpopular governor today in Nigeria. Nobody takes him serious anymore in Niger State. With his education and eloquence a lot of people expect transformation.


Tanko Al Makura, Nassarawa State governor, on the other hand was the only governor under CPC before the merger. Winning under the CPC ticket one expected him to work. One expect him to do something with the opportunity and to promote Muhammadu Buhari’s ideals. Al Makura hasn’t done much. People all over Nassarawa State are already complaining bitterly about his government. He has divided the people rather than bring them together, for instance, the Imbatse issues. The Nassarawa Youth Congress leader, Ajen Bako, when talking to NEWISSUES said “Nassarawa State is still toddling.” He described Al Makura as a failure already even before his tenure elapse.

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