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Yoruba: The New War, the New Friends, and the New Strategies.


Yoruba: The New War, the New Friends, and the New Strategies.


One of the pro Igbo writers on Facebook posted a statement on the gains of the Igbo in  the new dispensation as far more reaching in a democratic institution than the military based system since 1970, he said the Igbo recorded more in terms of achievement  which the Oracle after a reflection of everything and based on my  previous writing that the whole alliance of APC is looking like the 1970 relationship of the South West and North against the South East all over again.


I have to agree with him  on this, the Military  leaders  in Nigeria since 1970  most of them participated in the Civil war  somehow did not give the Igbo the best opportunity to grow like any other region without suspicious look, yes Democracy is better for Igbo than the military government, the Yoruba will have to accept, this simple truth  the war is over and they have to reach across the Niger to have new alliances in a new system controlled by democracy on give and take not based on past hatred of history.


It is the truth, the question to ask the Yoruba is if the North is still a valid ally for the future interest of the Yoruba within the nation called Nigeria in the 21st Century, if their new leader Bola Tinubu who is fast becoming a minority within the group of his Arewa friends in APC  in which he almost received a slap by the man who wanted a  simple election as against general consensus that will will technically Zone the presidency to General Buhari.


The Oracle is about the truth, and the Yoruba must  have a plan B in affairs of Nigeria , and they need to ask this simple question, can the new journey of Bola Tinubu with North  work for the Yoruba in 21st Century and what will happen to the interest of the Yoruba if Tinubu is sidelined? From the look of things he is looking daily like a minority within the APC and without the strong arm of General Buhari around him it will over for him and his dream in 2019? Who can continue the struggle after Tinubu among the Yoruba, the Oracle can see more of the North taking over APC daily than the South West if my eyes are still fine?


It is time for the Yoruba or the SouthWest  to reach across to South East and South South for the interest of the Yoruba within  this country, the Oracle says the Yoruba needs men and women that will  cross the River Niger to seek new friendship for the people of Oduduwa in a new Nigeria, with  new strategies, it is the best option for the tribe in the 21st Century, we call it a strategy  of not putting all the eggs in one basket.


Who will go?




Zents Sowunmi is a New York based writer.

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