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The Apo 8 Killing and the Truth


The Apo 8 Killing and the Truth


I have written and re-iterated that the DSS and Nigerian Army officials who went on that operation that day of 21st September, 2013, were not there in search of Boko Haram. They went there to evacuate the many occupants in that building. They invaded the house at night and started shooting. The young men, mostly Keke Napep drivers, Mai Shayi and hawkers, who reside in the house took off. After shooting the DSS/Army arrested some people and took off, leaving the dead there and the injured to die. I got a phone early in the morning and rushed there. I counted seven dead bodies. I saw some of the injured being taken to the hospital by the police. In fact I tried to talk to few policemen but they were clueless. I interviewed the occupants of the Apo house. They told me some man, the man in charge of the house, warned them just few days and gave them seven days to move out and see what will happen to them. Two days later DSS men and the army attached to them stormed the house and shot the people living inside dead, arrested some and took off. Until the press started airing the story, they never bothered. When it became a matter of embarrassment, their spokes person, Merrilyn Orgar, packaged that Boko Haram angle to the story.

Nobody cared to interview the occupants of the house. It was easy to sell the Boko Haram story because it was a period when Nigeria was under siege by Boko Haram terror group and the young men were Muslims.


I wrote Dr. Aliyu Tilde and Shehu Sani and informed them that it was massacre and that they should add their voices to ask for justice for Apo 8, sorry Apo 10 because two of the injured later died in Asokoro General Hospital. Most of the young men were from Katsina. They are all over our cities. They come mostly during the dry season to do menial jobs, during the rainy season they go home to farm.


Somebody gave the order for the young men to be evacuated from the house at any cost. Somebody very powerful. We still don’t know any of those who went for that operation. Without interrogating them how can we ascertain the truth? From the look of things the story is almost over like most Nigerian stories. We have forgotten as we forget other things. It is pathetic, Apo 10 will never get justice.

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