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Marrying in Dubai: Taking Nigeria’s Money to Another Economy


Marrying in Dubai: Taking Nigeria’s Money to Another Economy


This new trend of weddings in Dubai by the rich is not only worrisome but annoying. Now I am not saying if you can afford it you shouldn’t do whatever you want with your money but the implication of taking Nigeria’s money out to spend in another economy doesn’t just make sense. This culture of wastefulness and disrespect of our own culture doesn’t just make sense to me but Nigerian elites are like Hollywood stars, sometime you cannot afford to take them seriously. I learned that Atiku Abubakar’s son got married on his wall on Facebook, I wanted to congratulate him but stoppeed when I read the wedding was in Dubai. These people don’t even know the implication of what they are doing. What’s it with getting married in foreign land? This is definitely not our culture until recently. Back in the days you go to you village for the traditional marriage then end up in the capital city for the main wedding. A lot of kinsmen will have the opportunity to talk about it for years. The whole money spent will be spent inside our economy. One of the growing businesses in Nigeria today is catering and wedding planning. Why deny the economy of these little things. What’s the joy in getting married in foreign land? I don’t see Arabs coming down here to marry or white people. People get marri

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