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Why the Muslim North (NE/NW) may never win Presidential election again in Nigeria for the next 12 years


Why the Muslim North (NE/NW) may never win Presidential election again in Nigeria for the next 12 years


The Oracle is not a Lawyer, maybe few classes in the Principles of law, torts, Law of Contract, and Company Law just enough to understand when a lawyers speaks,  Lifting the veil is a legal terminology, for the Court to unveil the secret acts of those behind a company for prosecution if a company was formed to perpetrate fraud term, that will be the Oracle’s interpretation of what Femi Fani-Kayode did with the secret act of his party to push for a Muslim /Muslim presidential ticket for 2015, an agenda that could push the party down the ladder to darkness not only of the future of the minds but also anti -reality of 21 Century.


FFF wrote what could be the concern of the liberal members of APC on the need for his Party to split the Presidential ticket between the two faiths Christians and Muslim otherwise the Party will take the label of a Muslim fundamentalist, or the secret godfather of Boko Haram, or end up being called the Nigeria version of Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, he  gave the names of opinion leaders of the Party to address this concern because the Islamist group within the Party are bent on taking everything without thinking of the Christians in the country. FFF warned those we talked of 1993 MKO Abiola, to understand even  the so-called 1993 Ticket was aborted by a Muslim North controlled administration.


Here is the deal, to insist on Muslim/Muslim ticket or talking about it at all,  before the primaries was not how MKO Abiola found himself, it was an event that happened after the Jos Primaries,  unlike the event of today because they are too afraid to face the primaries based on EPS  like a civilized society, they talked about consensus without any feelings for the electorates, and the  more they talk of it, the more the party is looking ugly,  probably more like a replacement for  military government in civilian uniform, or to the adversaries,  the talk of Muslim/Muslime ticket  is to make APC look  like the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt every day, which ought not to be if EPS had been taken as the gospel truth .


Those who said Nigeria can never learn anything from Egypt when the Oracle wrote the series on the happenings in the land of Pharaoh must now go back to re-read all the articles of the oracle again, which was serialized for us to understand, that in between our mists, we have a political party if not checked quickly has a tendency that can  recreate the MBH principles in Nigeria and we must stand firm to defend our freedom, and right to exist as a nation or split.


Here is the deal, in Abuja the Federal Capital, the National Assembly, look more like a bigger Mosque which is a slap on the Christians in the country, we need to cultivate a culture of respect for other religions in Nigeria,  the trust for a Muslim as the head of our nation has been grossly eroded, with all the forceful ways of having it all at all cost by our Muslim brothers, and all these, could be seen  in all  articles as listed below on the need for the Muslim North to understand Nigeria is a secular state and when you allow others to understand your goals to force your religion or doctrines on the people without bending,  you end up losing everything , sadly, this is the crossroad the Muslim North found themselves particularly those in the  NE and NW.


1. Is Islam as practiced by the North of Nigeria is not good for 21st Century Nigeria? (2012)


2. Middle Belt the power house of the North is slipping away Part One and Part Two. (2011)


3. Is APC planning to lose the 2015 Election? (2012)


4. The Opposition Party is sleeping again. (2011)


5. Expanded Primary System (Benefits for Nigeria political system. (2011)


6. Egypt the Land of pharaoh Part One and Part Two) effect of it on Nigeria (2012)


Unfortunately, due to greed for power, they woke up the Christians, in the national Conference we now know we have more recognition for Islam than Christianity, and nothing at all for Africa religion yet the same 1999 Constitution talked of freedom of religion, when Sharia law is very much enshrined in the Constitution up to Court of Appeal without any regard for others.


We have seen how the Governors in the  Muslim North  used the tax payer’s money to promote Islam over Christianity, or African religion, or no religion at all, which is rather  unfair,  we could see the effect of Sharia applications on the various businesses opened by the Christians in the North,  we have been forced to read the book of Matthew again and again which says Matthew 11:12 “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and violent men take it by force. “


The Christians will no longer turn the right cheek when they are slapped on the left side again, until our Muslim brothers in the NE and NW can think and practice Islam like the Yoruba with policy of tolerance, and when they can understand other religion can co-exist like East of Nigeria, when the need to reconsider the age of marriage is 18 plus not 9 years or 12 years must be in line with other groups in Nigeria, and when they can think, they must do it with the tools of 21st century like all other Nigerians which is to accept Western Civilization as the way of life for all,  if not,  the Oracle says they can forget the presidency for the next 12 years or more and or look for a moderate person  a Christian from the North  that has the brain of El Rufai  or late Abubarka Rimi , I believe they have a lot of them otherwise like a child they will be left behind if not already.


Finally, I have to thank FFF for his article, but he failed to understand one thing, the train has already left the APC at the 2015 station with a deflated momentum, because the Party failed to use EPS as passionately recommended by the Oracle, a program with proper internal and infra party primaries, which  could have destroyed all the sentiments of religion, tribalism or godfathers, right now only a Christian North Candidate from the Middle Belt can keep the party afloat, otherwise, APC  the political  Party as we know it now will be history, I can only end up this article  with the words of President Clinton, when he was asked on  how he was able to win the second term with a very much hostile Republican Party 1996 controlled Congress “Bill said, The best you can do to yourself as the best politician in very hostile political climate is to allow your opponent to understate you, let them call you names, abuse you, and when you will be hitting them they will be left panting”  GEJ probably read this, because every day, despite his “K leg” government the man is looking a like second term candidate while APC is taking wrong steps after wrong steps.






Zents Sowunmi is a New York based writer.

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