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Is Nigeria Afraid of the Igbo Story?


Is Nigeria Afraid of the Igbo Story?


It’s a reflection of the perilous times we are in now, where every element of our distinct heritage is being obliterated. HISTORY (our own story) has being expunged from the school curriculum and I now hear the that the Nigerian Movies Censors Board who endorse those silly “Aki and Pawpaw” or “Mr. ibu” movies just placed a ban on the screening of the movie HALF OF A YELLOW SUN in Nigeria, because they think it tells the Biafran story in a way the govt finds uncomfortable.


The movie is based on a novel written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and it’s truly shares personal experiences of very interesting characters, set during the tumultuous period of the Nigerian Civil War. The story of Odenigbo, Olanna and co held me spell bound when I first picked up the book about 7 years ago. The movie is screening in the UK and other countries right now and showcases some of our best artistes and exemplary citizens like Oscar nominee Chinwetel Ejiofor, Genevieve, Onyeka.


The deliberate effort to wipe off our history from our memory is sad and will fail, it’s double sad that all this rubbish is going on under a Federal Government led by an academic. I haven’t watched the movie but I have read the book, Chimamanda just wrote her story (fiction) wrapped around true historical events. The truth is we can’t keep hiding or keep being silent about the civil war and other atrocities that have happened in this country. Haba, what manner of people are we self? How do we knock some sense into our leaders. Funny enough a lot of “Biafran mouthers” are rabid supporters of this govt, simply because they think they hate people from other tribes and have found a kindred sprit in a govt that encourages ethnic divisions.WASSUP FOLKS? THEY WOULDN’T EGEN LET YOU TELL YOUR STORY? Una better wake up and let us find a way to get rid of all these mediocres running out nation.


Chimamanda’s writings have being acknowledged and recognized globally it’s a classic symptom of our typical “upside down thinking” that would make us address this movie with such suspicion. We should also consider that this was produced with PRIVATE SECTOR MONEY; how do we encourage such future investments in our arts and entertainment industry?

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