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Shiek Gumi says Nigerians are heartless people


Shiek Gumi says Nigerians are heartless people


Shiek Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi, popular Kaduna State Islamic leader, blast Nigerians on his Facebook for their insensitivity and apathy regarding the killings going on around the North. He wrote this on his Facebook wall:


I am not talking about those killers and assassins in civil or military uniforms. Nor do I mean their leaders, commanders, chiefs and financiers. No, because they have hearts. Their hearts are evil.

Iam talking about most nigerians that are alof to these atrocities. Houses of horror, ransacked villages, extra judicial killings, colossal corruption, unemployment, promiscuity, robbery and gross deception by those supposed to be trusted. One cannot believe that we can be this heartless.

May Allah Soften our sensibilities to act the right way. Amin”

Mr. Gumi is an ardent critics of Jonathan’s government.

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