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Islamic Cleric Says Nigerian ‘Infidels’ Have Launched War Against Northern Muslims’ -Sahara Reporters


Islamic Cleric Says Nigerian ‘Infidels’ Have Launched War Against Northern Muslims’ -Sahara Reporters


In apparent reference to Christians, a Northern Nigerian Islamic cleric, Sheik Tukur Adam Al-Mana, has stated that Muslims in the country are facing a war by ‘infidels’ running its affairs.

In a leaflet being distributed in Abuja, translated from Sheik Al-Mana’s original message in Hausa, the cleric argued that the infidels after finishing urban towns of Muslims have now taken their war to Muslim-dominated areas.

“There is doubt that infidels both prominent and low key ones that include their politicians, security personnel, elders and youths have now launched war against Northern Muslims in reality and not just talking. God has stated it that it is this kind of suffering that is being used to ascertain Muslim’s faith and separate them from tribulations,” he said

He said the opponents commenced with the urban towns but have now they have shifted especially to Fulani villages, and have destroyed the economy in the towns.  He cited the example of cattle, which he said are being rustled with big vehicles to Southern Nigeria and Igbo land.

“Daily they are killing Fulani and burning down their huts, and also [shooting] the cattle. Are we going to fold our arms or just be watching? If we don’t find solution, our children and grand-children will not forgive us and they will not even have rights to practice Islam. Prophet Mohammed SAW has said it that anyone who runs away from war, and did not struggle will die like cowards. May God make us succeed against our enemies, not with our power but power of Allah.”

SaharaReporters has gathered that the security agencies are studying the leaflets.


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