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Nemesis is wicked…..but truth must be told.


Nemesis is wicked…..but truth must be told.

By John Okiyi Kalu

Yesterday morning I woke up to the so called Amaechi visit scandal involving some of my friends. First it was via a tag by the organizer of the event and later it was literally everywhere with all manner of reactions from the accused and accusers. Of course I said what I know: from all information available to me no cheque of N5m was given to any of the attendees. I knew about the flight tickets, feeding and accommodation only. That was not out of place in any form and I still believe the attendees should at least have been given extra-consideration for leaving their jobs to travel to PH. The organizers failed woefully in that direction because I know for a fact that Rivers State Government operate a very high media budget that is second only to Lagos’ stupendous and “stupifying” media vote. (Social media na media) The government can afford to give gifts to the attendees from that vote and it will be perfectly legal. Yet those who know oga Chibuike must also know that he is “aka chingum”. Lol


While I was not at the event I sent a media resource person to represent me and wish His Excellency happy birthday. It is not a hidden fact that HE Amaechi is one of my favorite administrators in Nigeria, especially during the period 2007-2013 when he was Amaechi of PDP. His performance as PDP governor of Rivers State is unmatched.

But there were other important issues we needed to clarify from him and I saw an opportunity.


My issue this morning is strictly not really about who got what because nobody got anything, as far as I know. Two of my close friends who lean towards APC attended too. Since we have known each other I have not found them to be liars and if there is anyone they will tell about the giving of money it is definitely me. That’s the nature of our relationship and I can’t explain it further. They got no cheque from nobody. One of them didn’t even get complete refund for his ticket.


Nemesis is my issue this morning.


In the heat of the hysteria yesterday, I was made aware of Sahara reporters posting on the issue. They claimed Amaechi bribed the named attendees with N5m each. In due course I saw a badly forged government house cheque circulating with one Soni Akoji written on it with value of N5m. At that point it occurred to me that nemesis was at work against APC supporters. How many times have they lied and forged all manner of documents to bring people down? Some of the mentioned people even run to Sahara Reporters to publish articles and defend obvious lies or misbehavior. They literally throw SR at you as source then remind you that “there is no smoke without fire”. Are they now convinced that in Nigeria there are smokes from magicians that do not emenate from any fire? Just the imagination of wicked people of Nigeria’s blogosphere and they go on a lynch expedition like a mob without asking vital questions.


Uwa ntoooooo!


To me this is a situation of uwa ntooo to some of the APC supporters named by Sahara Reporters. It is uwa ntoo situation for whoever is Soni Akoji whose name was unfortunately grafted into that idiotic forgery. Ordinarily, some of us who check and cross check before we take a position will easily have spotted the forgery and refuted the cheque before Nigerians. And we did, even in this case. The same APC goons would have showed up to make speeches and remind you of smoke and fire if the reverse were to be the case. You will read how Nigeria and Nigerians have been corrupt since Adam slept with Eve. How you have lost your conscience because of PDP and may be even remind you that you are not a patriot for not towing popular “crucify him” lines. They won’t bother to take note of the simple fact that only one person signed a govt cheque and that’s unusual for those of us who have studied and know the system.


Let me make an appeal to all of us.


Don’t permit falsehood even if it is against your opponent. Verify, recheck and then cross check before you publish. Don’t follow bandwagon and be right today and later find out you were wrong. When I took up the Sanusi issue, I was alone but stridently analysed and made my point up to when I demanded that he be arrested to make statement under caution so the truth will come out. Of course the man has long obtained judicial immunity from making statements under caution and the natioonal assembly finance committee have confirmed him a pathetic liar. But you read all that from me first, based on simple common sense fact checking.


Only someone who does not know Amaechi will imagine him doling out N5m to 48 bloggers. The person dey craze. Most of us have vivid imaginations about people in govt that almost borders on the fantasies of users of psychotropic drugs. Even if there is need to give money, which government will write cheques as gifts when Ghana must go bags are there? Do you think people in government don’t know how to do internet transfer of funds? It looks like some of us are high on dangerous substances to even imagine a government writing cheques as bribes to about 48 invited “social media friends and foes”.


For those who care about the truth and what really happened at Brick House PH, we shall be releasing videos and audios of the event as recorded by the media team of We will also publish the remarks of Governor Amaechi at that event including an explosive comment he made in the course of the interactions. We set up that site simply to publish only verified information and correct the lies and propaganda. If it is not a FACT you won’t find it at While the site is due for formal launching in July, we shall broke protocol and upload the videos and audio transcripts of the interactive session.


Let us learn from this unfortunate experience and decide to follow the truth to wherever it leads. I also sincerely hope the forged materials were not released by PDP supporters. It will be a sad day when PDP supporters descend to the janjaweed level of APC supporters by forging Cheque and lying against innocent people. We must help APC goons to change and not follow them into political darkness where they are Lords and Masters. It will make it difficult for Voters to separate Michael from Angel Lucifer.


Ogwulam na onu. Ya gaziere unu nile.


JOK 31/5/14

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