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Floyd MONEY Mayweather defeat Pacquiao


Floyd MONEY Mayweather defeat Pacquiao

By George Onmonya Daniel

Floyd MONEY Mayweather remain undefeated as he beats Manny ‘The Pacman’ Pacquiao in the all hyped up fight in Las Vegas tagged The Fight of the century. The Phillipine boxer and member of parliament was shown so much love by the American audience at the MGM Arena as they cheered the Pacman anytime he landed a blow and booed Floyd, but Floyd won by an unanimous decision 118/110, 116/112, 116/112 after round 12.

Floyd Mayweather went to hug the Pacman and in an interview briefly after the fight applauded his opponent as a great fighter. The Fight of the Century may not be worth all the hype but it definitely is ‘history’ for Mayweather despite saying it is more about the money.

Floyd Mayweather has another fight in September and at 38 years, a lot of boxing enthusiasts are guessing he may resign after that.

Don Ridell of CNN said it wasn’t fight of the century, it didn’t live up to the hype. The two fighters shared $300million dollars with Mayweather taking 60 percent and the Pacman take 40 percent.

A lot of people on the social media all over the world are simply disappointed.



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