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Northern Group Accuse Media of Misinterpretation


Northern Group Accuse Media of Misinterpretation

Northern Re-Awakening Forum Denies Calling For National Conference, Accuse Media of Misinterpretation


Mohammed Kumalia, Chairman of the Northern Re-Awakening Forum, is denying calling for fresh National Conference even though it was crystal he told the press exactly that on camera. He was also part of the previous National Conference. After coming under attack on social media the Chairman concentrated on talking about how to re-build a North East. Mohammed Kumalia who is from Borno State looks obviously confused as he address the trio of Sunrise Daily Reported on Channel television.

When asked why he wanted another conference, Mr. Mohammed Kumalia went about rambling about the North East, he could not explain why he wants conference. He however told maupe Ogun that what he meant with ‘Conference’ was to gather expert to discuss the problems of how to fix the North east. He denies calling for National Conference.

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