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My presence online dropped to a significant level after my last article “Good President, Wrong Political Party: Reviewing President Buhari’s Quagmire.”

Coming online late last night and reading most of the happenings in the polity simply gave me a feel that the President read the article and has started implementing some f the ideas I shared. There, I highlighted the need for the President to silence ( mute them from talking and not to kill them please) the lying liars in APC or if he does not want to silence them, whittle their efficacy by prosecuting the bad eggs. I advised that the best approach to executing such without making lots of noises is by simply going after the bad eggs in APC that is sponsoring all the online propaganda for and against the President. I think the President is doing what Nigerians want him to do. I know some people may say the President is vindictive and witch-hunting. Well, as long as those his is going after are guilty which the court would determine, let them face the consequences.

My initial objection to President Buhari candidacy was not about his personality. I had a problem with his age. In my view, I feel the President is too old hence wanted him to endorse the current Governor of Kaduna state who I was also made to believe is the quasi Vice-President. I made this call because I was of the opinion that his age would be a hindrance hence allowing a third party to run the affairs of the nation just the way a third party runs Lagos state and unfortunately, the state is in a yet to attain its full potential.

Well, the President has proved hose that share my school of thought wrong. With the way things are going currently, the General has just informed Nigerians using his body language that a General is always a General.

Elatedly, I have no doubt that the broken institutions would be fixed. And the best way to fix the institution is to go after the high-net-worth individual who contributed in one way or the other in decimating the institution. If Dr. Saraki whom I feel is more qualified to be Nigerian Senate President than Lawal APC is pushing goes down; and Amaechi the lion of his compound at Ubima goes down; and maybe Chief Tinubu file revisited as “jara” so he will allow Governors of Lagos state progress that state with so much potentials to an enviable height, the President’s body language would force that petrol attendant who wants to fill my tank with a thousand worth of petrol and because his meter is on my blind side, will collect 2000 to stop. Little by little, our institutions would be fixed.

Therefore, the President is still on the right path to fulfill my one point agenda: Fix the institution.

And Other Things

1. PRESIDENT BUHARI’S STATEMENT: Ministers/Politicians as Noisemakers

Permit me not criticize some of the Presidents utterances that have raised some controversies this week especially the one attributed to him while in France identified above. Honestly, we all are not gifted in all spheres of life. Admittedly, the President is not as eloquent as Barack Obama, David Cameron or even locally, Adams Oshiomhole. But if you put Buhari with his not so admirable comments and Adams Eloquence, I will still opt for the former.

Professor Osibanjo, Nigerian Vice President, should be respected by all including Governor El Rufai.
All should condemn the news making rounds of disrespect to the person occupying the Vice President’s position. The news making rounds of disrespect should be condemned by all. We all should know that the gentle walk of a leopard is not cowardice. While I am not an APC member, his ascendancy as the Vice represents the Christian in Nigeria as well as the Southern Nigerian people. While I know his zone never anticipated this pummel to happen considering how they have insulted other zones who voted against the ruling party, we must ensure that the vice receive equal respect as the President after all they both have a joint ticket.


Last month or so, President GEJ was quoted as saying he does not know that this wanton corruption the current regime screamingly exposed is going on in his regime. I wrote an article exonerating that comment after all he is just one person. He may not honestly know.

However, his latest comment that he knows corrupt people and institutions but would not say it to avoid attack just made a mess of his initial comment. If President GEJ knows corrupt institutions and individuals and refuses to prosecute them, then he indeed the wrong person to be the country’s President.

I think Reuben Abati should kindly advise the former President to stop talking since his phone does not ring again.
Have a blissful weekend you all.

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