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A TALE OF TWO GOVERNORS (Masari & El-Rufai), By John Danfulani


A TALE OF TWO GOVERNORS (Masari & El-Rufai), By John Danfulani


One of the headlines of The Leadership newspaper of Friday 9th October 2015 have a headline thus ” WHY WE WONT AWARD CONTRACTS TO NON-NATIVES”. The quote was lifted from a 2-page interview( pages 33-34) of the edition with Governor Aminu Bello Masari of Katsina State. Rt. Hon. Masari walked his interview round a gamut of issues. But the most important, by far, was his resolved to deny non-natives( elsewhere referred to as non-indigines) contracts. Hear him “we will not allow anyone take the money meant for Katsina’s economy.That is why we say if we award contracts to outsiders, we will have no one from Katsina to do them”. Inferring and imputing, all allocations from the federation accounts and internally generated revenue will be deploy to either create or promote Indigenous Katsina businessman and women. Further investigation shows that Governor Masari don’t have a single non-native in his government.

While that is the standing principle in our neighboring, Kaduna State under the all knowing genius Mal. Nasir El-Rufai is practicing a different policy. His went to the extent of declaring Kaduna State “a no man’s land”( as if we are a clime of all immigrants). To demonstrate his seriousness on this, many of his key aides aren’t natives of Kaduna State – including the most powerful figure and de facto Deputy Governor ( Hajiya Hadiza Bala Usman the Chief of Staff). At the economic level, he has gone national and international by engaging non-natives( even though his decree has squashed that dichotomy) in his staff verification project(UBA&ZENITH BANK) production of chairs for Primary schools( KFCC) and many others.

Judging from the activities of the two governors there is no doubt that Masari is realists while El-Rufai an idealists. It’s also clear that Masari has the love of his people and development at heart while El-Rufai has the love of his business associates and family members at heart. It’s very clear that Katsina people and state will reap dividends of democracy but Kaduna wouldn’t because its government is for outsiders, family and friends.

El-Rufai must know that we are in a federation of 36 units and each unit has a landmark and peoples. What is generated locally and the one coming from the federation account is for the natives. And must be properly use to better the lives of natives not business associates and family members.

Viva Masari.Shame El-Rufai.

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