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Arresting Nnamdi Kanu was a disastrous error by the Government.


Arresting Nnamdi Kanu was a disastrous error by the Government.


By John Okiyi Kalu

You can say anything about Nnamdi Kanu and his people, but one fact of life is that every revolution started like a joke. In fact imperfect people led all history changing marches.

biafra kal
Whether you like him or not remember that Zik and co were not loved when they moved against colonial powers. Same with Mandela who was branded terrorist by the same West that over celebrated him years after.Arresting Nnamdi Kanu was a disastrous error by the Government. Detaining him: error. Releasing him: error.

Nnamdi is officially nmiri nshi to Nigerian Government now.

A properly advised government would have simply regarded him as another social media irritant. But from the moment the government responded to one of his rants he became an authentic pressure group leader. And without learning the government arrested him.

Now see the result: Nnamdi is now a national icon. If you try him and jail him for treason he will become a Mandela to the international community and pro Biafra groups. People are already marching for him whereas nobody marched for reduction of fuel price to N40/liter.

biafra kally

If I were to advice this government I will simply tell them to release him without condition and ask him to carry his wahala and go.

Please don’t ask me if I support Nnamdi or not. I don’t care about such nonsensical questions. I support the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which guaranteed every Nigerian the right to infirionu. I do not agree that you should arrest people for whining their mouths.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Agu

    October 21, 2015 at 8:48 am

    Free Nnamdi Kanu

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