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Biafra, And Now Yoruba Threatening Succession, By George Onmonya Daniel


Biafra, And Now Yoruba Threatening Succession, By George Onmonya Daniel


“The recent abduction of one of the foremost Yoruba leaders and ex-Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Chief Olu Falae, by suspected Fulani herdsmen took a turn for the worse on Thursday as prominent leaders threatened secession from the entity called Nigeria.

Their grouse ranges from the abduction of Falae and the wanton destruction of his farmland to the need for a serious restructuring of Nigeria to reflect true federalism.

“If we do not see any step in this direction within a reasonable time, the Yoruba may reconsider their place in a union that cannot protect them and would not allow them to protect themselves and use all legitimate and peaceful means to attain self-determination,” part of the communiqué issued at the end of the meetings said.”

This Day 

This is the story making headlines today. Yoruba leaders have met in Ibadan and they are talking “succession” or a need for a serious restructuring of Nigeria to reflect true federalism. This may not sound serious as despite all the talks here and there of succession and true federalism, the Nigerian government and those who control how things are done in this country have never taken it seriously, but quite a number of the Nigerian masses would tell you Nigeria should just go their separate ways. The Igbo agitators of Biafra may not an overwhelming support but the dream that is Biafra lingers everywhere in the hearts of most Igbos. This whole Yoruba situation should not be taken too far as it may bring back the likes of Odua People’s Congress (OPC) and plunge the whole place into chaos. The Nigerian government should really look into this whole Fulani herdsmen situation.

These things start from small talk that we see as cheap, then it metamorphoses into an uncontrollable monster. Thank God the president is a Fulani man and has cattle, he should knows a thing or two about this whole herdsmen and farmers conflicts around the nation. That he hasn’t made it a priority is worrisome.

These herdsmen have consistently and persistently attack farmers and sometimes a whole village or group of villages, killing wantonly. They are simply above the law and fear no law. The security operatives have not been able to do anything about this situation or have not been ordered to do anything about it.

If this Fulani herdsmen situation leads to another outcry for succession in Yoruba land, it would be good for Nigeria. The people keeping Nigeria together together are the people of the South, the Yoruba people, who have never really taken succession seriously or talk about it in serious terms.

This Yoruba leaders threats over Olu Falai’s kidnap and the destruction of his farm by suspected Fulani men and threat of succession should be taken seriously. Most big problems starts from something this small, we look at it and look away, then one day we are faced with monsters.

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