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Boko Haram: Are The Security Lying to the President?


Boko Haram: Are The Security Lying to the President?


Recent events have shown that the president is being fed with wrong intelligence or rather being led to believe that Boko Haram have been depleted and will soon be over. When the president gave the army an ultimatum to finish the terrorist group in three months, a lot of Nigerians thought that this whole drama is coming to an end because they believe in their no nonsense president.

It is not just the president but the military have been making a lot noise about how Boko Haram members have been surrendering and how they will end Boko Haram soon. This noise definitely relaxes everyone and make us a lot more vulnerable. We stop taking our own security seriously. We stop watching and being watchful.

What happened in Geidam has shown that the military are not telling us the truth and must be giving the president wrong intelligence. Boko Haram members stormed Geidam recently and held the town hostage for more than five hours, did whatever they wanted to do and carted away whatever they could get. The army retreated as they couldn’t match the terrorists fire for fire and they outnumbered the security.  The Chief of Defense Staff addressed his army after the attack and sounded obviously disappointed. He told the army that they were more trained and more experienced than Boko Haram and was quite happy with how the whole thing went.

Immediately the president told the press in France about negotiation going on with Boko Haram, Boko Haram responded with an audio from Shekau calling the president a lair and later suicide bombing which claimed the life of over 80 people in Maiduguri, subsequently they attacked Abuja and release another propaganda video claiming victory and obstinately holding to their utopia of defeating Nigeria and establishing their Islamic State.

The question is who were or are the president negotiating with? Certainly not the main Boko Haram. The main Boko Haram have called the president a liar severally because everything the president has said pertaining them has not been true. From the look of things they don’t seem to be anything like negotiation. Boko Haram are not completely depleted and it doesn’t seem like they would be defeated in the president’s 3 months dateline.

Someone must definitely be feeding the president wrong stories. In fact NEWISSUES source from Maiduguri are saying contrary to the story that Boko Haram have been defeated in all local governments in Borno and Yobe State, they are still in control of certain areas. The Geidam attack by Boko Haram has shown everything is not as it seems. It would help if the Nigerian Army talk less and act more.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Baba

    October 11, 2015 at 7:33 am

    Still BH are in control of Kala Balge LGA Mobbar LGA as well as jakana all in Borno state

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