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Gov. Shettima’s Award as Governor of The Year, An Honour Not-Deserved.


Gov. Shettima’s Award as Governor of The Year, An Honour Not-Deserved.



I don’t understand the criterion used by the leadership newspapers to arrived at awarding a Governor who failed to achieve anything tangible as ‘GOVERNOR OF THE YEAR’ in the midst Dankwambos, Ambodes and El-Rufais who without any doubt have set a precedent for good governance and unarguably performed magic in turning water to honey in their respective domains.

Under the said kashim Shettima, ordinary 5km road construction took us a period of over four (4) years and still counting. Sad!

This is a state where the children of the masses are out of school for more than a year, while the Governor’s kids and cronies are comfortably in school outside the state. Borno in it’s decades of history and existence had never got it so wrong like this time.

The failure is glaring in every sector of the state, records have shown that Borno in the last four years have received well over N600 billion Naira from the various coffers with exception of IGR, yet there is no any single N5 billion Naira people oriented project on ground in any part of the state.

Sam Nda Isiah with his ‘BIG IDEAS’ and the entire publishing house could have conducted an independent survey or opinion sampling before embarking on such costly decision. As far as Borno state is concerned, Gov. Kashim Shettima doesn’t merit this AWARD.

Leadership newspapers should not descend so low into making us to believe that they are a mere replicate of NANS who sees good only in the likes of known fugitive BURUJI KASHAMU, a yam eater Diezani Alison Madueke and an convict Bode George.

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