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Nigerian Envoy Asks African Airlines To Serve Local Food


Nigerian Envoy Asks African Airlines To Serve Local Food


Nigeria’s Consul General to South Africa, Uche Ajulu-Okeke, on Wednesday, urged African airlines to serve African food on board their planes.

Speaking when members of the African Chefs United visited her in Johannesburg, the envoy urged the chefs to write a letter to the African Union urging it to compel African Airlines to serve African dishes on board their planes.

Ajulu-Okeke said African cuisine would help create employment as well as foster unity and sense of pride among Africans.

“Look at what the Chinese have been able to do with their cuisine across the world,” she said. “So, it is you now, your association, that can promote African dishes across the world.”

The President of African Chefs United, Citrum Khumalo, said the organisation believes that Africans could be united through food. He, however, said African food should be of high standard to boost local tourism on the continent.

Khumalo said that chefs from 17 African countries had attended an African food festival in Johannesburg which was aimed at boosting indigenous African cuisine.

“The first mission that we are really working on is to use food and hospitality to unite Africans,” he said. “Tourism is the future gold of Africa. The gold that we are digging now will deplete and we will depend on tourism and if the standard of food and services are not compatible with that of Europe, we will fail.”

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