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Nigerians Disappointed At Buhari’s Ministers List, By George Onmonya Daniel


Nigerians Disappointed At Buhari’s Ministers List, By George Onmonya Daniel


When asked the question, what’s your view on the Buhari ministerial list, Shadoow Quân Efiom has this to say , In Nigeria political compensation is not new but PMB could have sent this list after May 29 instead of keeping everybody to wait in vain. If EFCC and DSS have investigated these people and found them not corrupt then there is no hope for PMB’s fight against corruption. You cannot plant apples and expect to harvest oranges.” 

Another, Obani Chukwunyere Abraham  says, It is sickening. So, we waited four months just to see Fashola, Amaechi, Audu Ogbeh, Lai Mohammed Udoma e.t.c . I saw less technocrat in PMB’s list of ministers dan in GEJ’s although more list are yet to be made public. My generation was deceived and made to swallow the change pill sponsored by America. We live in a world of wailings and noisemaking -probe here and there- , an era where incompetence is celebrated and rewarded. We were deceived. I saw no sign of CHANGE in PMB’s ministerial list. It was that same recycling of Old Dogs. Nothing changed. I am utterly dejected and dispirited.”

Dory Manze wrote 3 women out of 21? Really? Even though we outnumber men in Nigeria? Who is a person with disabilities? Also, who is a youth (under 35)? The next list had better have women,youths and persons with disabilities. Enough of the old and the men.”

Samuel Ogbeh John , Buhari miss it again after longtime searching.we have good pple all over d federation why include dsame goat and yam and dsame monkey and banana.”

Abu Faruk has something else to say, an ardent supporter of Muhammadu Buhari, he tries to balance it all. The ministerial list meets the political and practical realities on ground in Nigeria today !
Firstly – PMB relied on various power brokers to snatch power from the last government , it will be foolhardy of him not to reward these gladiators .

y, for political and practical reasons , PMB had to compromise to lead ! As a result of these compromises PMB has to share power with folks that helped him !
Thirdly, for PMB to be able to deliver the kind of list we all aspire for , he needs an overwhelming mandate from the masses (devoid of help from politicians) we could not achieve this in 2003, 2007 & 2011 ! In 2015 the politicians and the masses helped him out ! As a result , we would have to meet midway !
Fourthly , we can give PMB the mandate he needs to function without politicians (if he performs reasonably well ) by supporting his attempts to restructure the establishment & fight corruption EVERY STEP of the way and turning out enmass to vote him if he contests in 2019 ! We must however temper our expectations bc he relied on elements of the same establishment to get to power !
Fiftly, any reform therefore, will be limited and progress will be in small steps …
“I would have been disappointed if PMB did not reward his political allies ( Ameachi, Fashiola, Tinubu etc) bc then, I will worry he won’t have the political cover to fight in a complex Nigeria and in a
democracy ! For me, the list is “tolerable ” I wish the team well”

Greg Abolo wrote, In 1979, as Senate Majority leader,Olusola Saraki played a crucial role in the confirmation of Audu Ogbeh as Minister under President Shagari.

“36 years after, Olusola’s son Bukola Saraki is Senate president and he now has the singular honour to an
nounce the same Audu Ogbeh as a ministerial nominee under Buhari for confirmation , the same man who said stealing was rampant amongst ministers under Shagari, then promptly jailed the Minister. His counterpart from Benue, Paul Unongo was Minister of Steel, though they said both he and Audu Ogbeh did not steal.
“Still, Buhari jailed them but gave us no Steel.

“See why longitivity is good?

“Not only will you steal what belongs to your children, but still threaten what your grandchildren ought to have, if you have the steely resolve to remain as man of solid steel in national politics.

“Young men like Mike Odeh and George Onmonya Daniel might not find this funny because the gerontocrat is their grand uncle from Benue . They still need more patience and can still be Ministers in their early 80s. All they need is steely determination and hope.”

This is the general feelings even on the streets in Nigeria. People were just disappointed and are asking if it is these people President Muhammadu Buhari is going to choose as his ministers, why did it take him too long?


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