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Picture of Chairs in National Library Lagos Goes Viral

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Picture of Chairs in National Library Lagos Goes Viral


The pictures of the dilapidated chairs in National Library, Lagos, has gone viral on Facebook with Nigerians both home and in the Diaspora sharing it and complaining. These are some of their statements.

“These are chairs in the National Library in Lagos! This is utterly disgusting, nasty and utterly shameful. What have the Ministers of Education over the last 2 decades been doing? What has the budget for Nigeria’s libraries been spent on??

I love libraries – they are places that can cause the imagination to soar, take one mentally to different places, instill a love for learning and research – change and impact lives for ever. This is heart-breaking.

This is a cry to whosoever the new Minister of Education will be – please please please do something about this urgently once you are in office! And please ensure your predecessor(s) are probed to account for this rot and decay. frown emoticon”

~ Bucky 2015

** The National Library is owned by the Federal Government. Federal Institutions cannot be interfered with by State Governors. Neither Fashola nor any Lagos State Governor is responsible for this.

** Pictures and info culled from Kemi Adeloye

Ayo Ogbongbemiga Adejuwon J-One Anjoorin says, That is the sorry state, we’re in. Anything govt belongs to nobody. The shame of Nigeria”
Olulana Alofe says, This is just ‘I don’t care attitude'”
Adejuwon J-One Anjoorin asked Can somebody find out the name of the head of this institution?”
Samuel Omosuyi  has this to say, The state of the nation is reflected in the states of its infrastructures.

If structures are so collapsed in national institutions, the situation you find the workers is more terrible going by the salary that cannot take them home.”
Adesoji Adebisi says endemic lethargy’ comes to mind upon seeing the eyesore ( decency would force one to agree they are pictures) , Fawole Wasiu Olayinka.

The heckling should start from the top actually; the so called representatives in Abuja.

I feel like a prayer right now!”
Ayoka Billie Hassan  says If d chairs are like dis dat means they won’t b books na.”
The state of federal government infrastructure in the states in no different from that of the National Library, NEWISSUES can authoritatively confirm.
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