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Senatorial Screening: The biggest travesty to our democracy, By Viola Ifeyinwa Okolie


Senatorial Screening: The biggest travesty to our democracy, By Viola Ifeyinwa Okolie


The biggest travesty to our democracy was not the fact that in the Senate yesterday, it was business as usual for the politicians, turning a deliberate blind eye to real issues and acting like it was just another day to stamp on the sensibilities of Nigerians – after all, they are being paid to do that.

It was the fact that WE could not demand a higher level of scrutiny for the ministers cum noise makers who were presented for one singular purpose – prove to us that they were worthy of the responsibility being vested on them.

It is sad that while the senators were dishing out “bows” like hot amala in the hallowed chambers, we were also dishing out “bows” and gushing over people who should be subjected to thorough scrutiny if our “change” and “anti corruption” mantra is anything to go by.

Like Fashola the darling of the social media. What happened to borehole and website allegations?

Lai Mohammed was applauded and comments such as “once Lai Mohammed makes Minister that will be the end of PDP” was thrown around. In other words, continue with the lies and propaganda!

Akpabio, he of the oral flatulence was desperately trying to secure political relevance and no one called him out on it.

Was there adequate gender representation in that list? Are there also no competent ladies as there were no competent youth?

But we applauded nevertheless.

Close to 70% of those fielded as potential ministers were ex PDP. They don’t come more PDP than Audu Ogbe. Mrs Amina Mohammed is one of those that “ruined Nigeria”, she served under a Yar’Adua and Jonathan government and on and on and on.

Please can we stop with the “change” mantra? Or the “PDP ruined Nigeria” nonsense. Please stop.

It is business as usual for the politicians. It was just politics for them.

For those of you still insistent on screaming “change” and all that nonsense, please snap out of it. You were brainwashed.

APC , PDP – there is absolutely no difference between them all. In case you never noticed that before, now you know.

Nothing has changed!

Nothing will change!

While Wike regains his breath from election tribunal matters, I have my eyes on two people only who might yet turn out to be the saviours of Nigerian democracy – Olisa Metuh who still ensures that we place a check on the activities of the present administration (love him or hate him, that is what a democracy is and that is what an opposition should do); and Fayose.

As it is now, we are now in an “APC share the money” regime.

Jokers in high places!

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