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The Ministerial Screening Talk Show And Reality, By George Onmonya Daniel


The Ministerial Screening Talk Show And Reality, By George Onmonya Daniel


On paper some of these Buhari would be ministers sound brilliant going by the senatorial screening on-going. But in reality these people have never succeeded in making society better than enriching themselves. They may never have been found wanting by the court of law but they are some of the biggest looters of this nation and we all know that, whether you support, love Buhari or hate him. This is the fact. So, I, personally, am not impressed by rhetorics. Let’s just get all these formalities behind us and let’s see Buhari and his team transform this country. The business of transforming Nigeria goes beyond rhetorics and shouting ‘corruption.’
This Reality Show is getting boring. They should just take that ‘bow’ let the real job begin. I am switching off my television to give me time to write this. I see people applauding some of these men on social media. A lot of the ministers since Obasanjo’s government know how to talk. Wouldn’t you be surprised if they don’t know howe to bamboozle? Some of them are politicians and retired politicians, some went to some of the best schools in the world.

I understand a lot of Nigerians are being entertained in a society where drama excites and gets us off reality. The reality is that Buhari’s administration may have curtailed wanton looting but it has stopped anything at the state level. For most governors, it is business as usual. Government however,goes beyond corruption. Where most avenue for leakages are block in terms of corruption, government needs creative people to move a nation to another level. Being smart is not being creative. This government hasn’t shown any creativity and all Buhari’s ministers are people who look familiar.

When you express yourself nowadays people see you as being partisan. The PDP versus APC vitriol and game of the throne does not bother some of us. Why should it? It is quite normal for rival political parties to be at each other’s throat in every democracy as long as they know when to unite to defeat common enemy. Politicians are very wise people, they are here today and tomorrow they are there. It is only very ignorant people who take them seriously, especially in a Nigeria where politics is all about interest and not loyalty, principle or ideology. What bothers me and is my business is how these men with all their sweet tongue are going to fix this Nigeria. And so far, with all they have said and are saying, both PDP and APC, I am not seeing much but the familiar which we complain about and have complained about then and now, it is the same old smelly shit but different toilets. Whether the toilet is made of gold or mud, shit is shit.

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