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Tinubu’s media men vs Orji Uzor Kalu’s, By Andrew Odan Agbese


Tinubu’s media men vs Orji Uzor Kalu’s, By Andrew Odan Agbese


Has anyone been following the spat between Tinubu’s media men and Orji Uzor Kalu’s recently? I find it quite interesting not just because of the highfalutin words deployed by the two sides (the Tinubu side is led by Sam Omateye and Kalu’s is led by Ebere Wabara) but the extent both sides have gone just to rubbish one another.

What is even more interesting is that it shows that no matter the level of professionalism attained, human beings tend to be blinded by emotions when it comes to matters that affect them personally.

While both sides tried to accuse each other of profiting from the proceeds of corruption (The Tinubu boys say the Sun will not go far because its publisher’s stealing days are over while the Kalu boys say the publisher of the Nation owns half of Lagos), none of them, despite what we know, is ready to concede that their employer might be guilty of what the other side is accusing him of. They only try to prove that the other side is guiltier than theirs.

So what we were regaled with in the name of fighting for their bosses is akin to saying “well, if you say that my paper was set up with the money my publisher stole while in public office, what about your publisher; did not he not steal when he was in public office?”

That it is senior journalists that are involved in this defense of corrupt politicians is what i consider unfortunate and i have no option but to deploy the words of Patrick Obahiagbon to describe the episode as phlegmatic crinkum crankum.

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