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War on Corruption: Familiar routine, By Professor Moses Ochonu


War on Corruption: Familiar routine, By Professor Moses Ochonu


EFCC’s catch and release war on corruption has moved south to former Governor Goodwill Akpabio. Last week, it was my former state governor, Gabriel Suswam. Like others before him, Suswam was “questioned and released.” He then went home to his home in Asokoro to a rousing welcome put together by “well-wishers.”

A photo of him surrounded by “well-wishers” minutes after his triumphant return from EFCC custody subsequently circulated in the Benue online universe. Mr. Suswam slept comfortably on his bed in his cozy mansion that night and has since been posting selfies of himself, taken inside his luxurious car, on social media, as if to taunt the EFCC and the Benue people whose futures he stole.

It is a familiar routine. No shaking. Akpabio too will return home after “questioning” to a ceremonious welcome in his corner of Abuja. He too will sleep like a baby on his own bed tonight, and he may take a page from Suswam’s playbook and post celebratory selfies later.

The movie is pure Nollywood. If you’ve seen one you’ve seen all. A petition is a nuisance to the EFCC, but they will go through the motion of an “investigation” and their familiar “catch-and-release” drama. It is what it is. The targeted people know the script and are all too happy to play their part in it.

I am beginning to suspect that the former governors may even be the ones arranging these failing petitions that produce catch-and-release endgames. Call it a preemptive, contrived petition.

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