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Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma came under the spotlight with an essay submitted by a graduate of Political Science Education, for a job interview. The essay submitted by a university graduate, clearly did not meet the minimum standard to proceed from kindergarten to Nursery one. So you wonder how she managed to scale through the rigors of university education.

A friend on blogosphere shares his experience and shed more light on how it was possible for ‘gLoria’ (This was how she wrote her name) to graduate.

According to him, he did his NYSC at the Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma (Batch A, 2010). He said, about 80% of students in the Dept. Of Psychology where he did his primary assignment, pay to get good grades. As Corpers lecturers give them the responsibility of marking the scripts. For him, it was a rude shock seeing undergraduates writing three lines as answer to essay questions where they are supposed to use a minimum of 2 pages.

At Ekpoma, Corpers were given a list of names by the lecturers involved, with corresponding grades to be awarded to each of the students, according to how much they sorted.

The Corper also confessed that he wrote a final year project for one student and was paid N15,000 (fifteen thousand Naira).

The truth is that this rot in the varsity educational system is not restricted to Ekpoma alone. It cut across board. You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you when you have an encounter with a graduate of the Nigerian higher education system who sorted his/her way through school.

As an intern in 2005, I had an encounter with a House Officer female Doctor who purportedly graduated from the Abia State University. Anytime I come across a prescription with her signature, I wonder in maniacal bewilderment how she managed to pass through Medical school. Matters came to a head when she was posted to the Emergency Paediatric Unit (EPU) during her rotation in Paediatric. Whenever she was on call the mortality rate is always over the roof! Before she finish one week on call, over 10 children must have died due to negligence. The hospital management had to call an emergency mortality meeting to find out why the number of casualty at the EPU was growing in geometric progression. It was discovered that it is only when the said Doctor was on duty and alone in the ward that such a large number of children dies.

To cut the long story short, after a thorough investigation, it was discovered that the lady in question was a FAKE Doctor who was withdrawn from Medical school in her 3rd year because of exam malpractice. She never gave up her dream to become a Doctor and she did become one courtesy of Oluwole. How she managed to get employed as a House Officer is a topic for another discussion. She was fished out after 9 months into a 12 months programme. She ran away from the hospital when the hospital authority was about to close in on her.

The issue of students sorting their way through school with the end result of producing half baked, quarter baked and none-baked graduates parading the streets with worthless papers called certificate has now become a cause for concern.

You hear someone who purports to be a university graduate speak in the language of instruction, English that is, and you wonder if they actually saw the four walls of a university as they claim. You see a letter or an essay written by a graduate of English language and you exclaim, Shuooooo!!

That’s how bad it is!

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