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I support the ban on hijab by the NYSC and any other dress code, By George Onmonya Daniel


I support the ban on hijab by the NYSC and any other dress code, By George Onmonya Daniel


I support the ban on hijab by the NYSC and any other dress code other than that of the NYSC. The NYSC is about integration and unity not where we go to advertise our religiosity and animosity. We never have a problem with the NYSC attire until recently as our Nigeria gets radicalized day by day and we start seeing everything as religion and everything is religion to us. I remember how we imported all this dress code debate even into Primary Schools. I schooled in the north, as a kid growing up in Pokiskum, I remember we dressed normally and go to school and no one notices if one was a Muslim, Christian or Pagan. From early age nowadays we force our children to dress differently and make them look others differently, that’s all this hijab and dress code debate has done to our society.

The NYSC should make it compulsory that everyone must wear that NYSC attire during that camp training. Do women in the Nigerian army and Nigerian Police or other para-military organizations wear anything they want? With this our stupid attitude of dragging religion into everything, very soon we will drag the wearing of hijab into our female national team like Iran and some of these countries with rather extreme views of everything.

The fact is that we need to de-radicalize a lot of Nigerians. Some of us have even forgotten that Nigeria is a secular state.

Whenever it comes to discussing serious national issues most of us are absent but when it comes to religious and tribal frivolities we are all experts. Other neighbouring countries have ban hijab in public places because of threats of terror but we haven’t done that because we are such a country who promote our tribal and religious inclinations more than we do our nation and our people. The NYSC did not just ban this whole hijab thing because of Islam but security and security at the moment is very crucial that we must and should all be willing to make some personal sacrifices. However, typically, Nigerians who love dissension have turned all this round and twisted it on social media.

Like I said earlier the NYSC should be the NYSC and we all know the aims of objectives of the NYSC and it is not some dress code contest. For that one month in the camp which involves para-military training and several lecturers, the NYSC should be the NYSC, nobody is stopping you from wearing whatever you want to wear after camp.

I heard of a case of some guy who slapped a lady who was wearing hijab in Benue State NYSC camp and the story went viral with some Muslim groups asking NYSC to investigate, set up a panel, a committee and all that to look at the matter because she is wearing hijab. I don’t know what hijab has got to do with the case of two people fighting. It is not ok to for any man to slap any woman, that’s my view on violence against women, whether she is wearing hijab or not, but I am sure this whole drama hasn’t got anything to do with religion until we dragged religion into it because the woman that was slapped wore hijab.

Honestly our case when it comes to such frivolities is going from the most ridiculous to the most annoying, once it was funny but not anymore.




  1. Atiku Abubakar Rufau

    November 26, 2015 at 9:21 am

    Hahaha and who told u your opinion matters in a sensitive, ancient religious issue far above u. I ban hijab by George omonya Daniel indeed. Vry clownish

  2. Sani Baba Ahmad

    November 26, 2015 at 9:44 am

    Is just like banning alcohol in your native home promiscuity from your grown up village girls
    How possible it is?

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