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Jonathan’s supporters wish him ‘happy birthday’ all over the social media


Jonathan’s supporters wish him ‘happy birthday’ all over the social media


Former President Goodluck Jonathan supporters are wishing him happy 58th birthday all over Facebook and Twitter.

How do I even begin to tell a man like you Happy Birthday?

Truth is; you are one of a kind.

Even the ones you left behind can’t begin to imagine doing what you did for the country. But we will get there.

You always said your ambition isn’t worth the blood of any Nigerian. I still doubt that you had any ambition. You just wanted the best for a place where your people could live in and not be afraid .A place where they could raise their heads and beat their chests and say “that’s the man that led us to the promised land by our forebearers”.

You are one in a million!

My President.




John Okiyi Kalu wrote:

Na wa o.

Before his 58th Birthday this man had actually seen it all and yet remained humble and peaceful?

Teacher>>>>DGov>>>>>Governor>>>>>>Vice President>>>>>>>>President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Any day I hear “do you know who I am” from anybody other than Goodluck Jonathan I will send thunder to Sambisa forest for press up before bringing it back to fire………

Happy Birthday once more jare. If I were you I go just dey laugh dey make ogiri ishi puu to haters. God has been faithful to you and no man can change that.


58 more years Sir, as we celebrate the first wonderful 58.

They might have called you weak and clueless, but a good look around Nigeria today would show how you patiently held the fabrics together.

Still waiting for just one person out of everyone they claimed was corrupt in the nation to be arrested, tried and punished.


Just media trials and distractions when their misdeeds are beginning to stink like a full soak away.

I have come to terms with the fact that you are no longer President, and I am enjoying the fact that unlike those who would go and plant themselves in their homes waiting for four more years to germinate and recontest, you are finding relevance outside the shores of Nigeria.

Scratch that, relevance is finding YOU.

The more they try to rubbish and blackmail you, the more the world honours you.

Keep soaring Sir.

And to those who cannot pass a decent number 2 without finding something to attempt to blame you for: “Jonathan is no longer your President, deal with it”.

PS: It’s all about Jonathan today. If you don’t like it, please find another wall to go play on, just for today. I still love you all though…

But THIS man, is my everlasting crush of life. Live with it!


Emmanuel Ogbeche on his own part to wish the president happy birthday just quoted his favourite GEJ’s speeches:

“In presenting myself for service, I make no pretense that I have a magic wand that will solve all of Nigeria’s problems or that I am the most intelligent Nigerian.” Goodluck Jonathan.

Phil Smart one of Goodluck Jonathan’s die hard fan wrote:


Sunday Akoji a supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari wrote this to wish former President GEJ happy birthday. 

It’s GEJ’s birthday!

‪#‎Solidarity‬….. Prince Henry Nwazuruahu Shield

Celebrating ‪#‎GEJ‬ ‪#‎HeroOfDemocracy‬ ‪#‎FatherOfDemocracy‬‪#‎ManOfPeace‬.

Caveat: Am not a GEJITES. I have not ported!

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