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Kogi, facts of the matter


Kogi, facts of the matter


1. Results have been declared before the death of the candidate.
2. Overall results declared inconclusive, meaning there was no clear winner at the time of Audu’s death.
3, Rerun to be held in some wards with about 41,000 votes at stake
4. At the time the results were announced, the APC had a validly nominated candidate and running mate while the party is deemed to have fulfilled all requirements to participate in the election.
5. The candidate APC nominated polled the highest votes declared and elections were not declared inconclusive as a result of his death.
6. The process of election has started, votes have been cast, some wards are pending, the process of election has started and must be allowed to run its course.
7. All parties contesting the election have fulfilled the requirements for participation.
8. INEC is not yet aware that the candidate of the APC IS DEAD.
9, The next round of election will not feature the governorship candidate of the party due to reasons of death as INEC would have been informed before then.
10. The deputy governor candidate is restrained from stepping over as candidate since the joint ticket has not been ‘duly elected.’
11. The APC participated in the election by virtue of fulfilling all requirements for participation including sponsoring candidates .
12, Canceling declared results and ordering fresh elections seem improbable since inconclusiveness of election was not as a result of the death of the candidate.
13. APC cannot go into another round of election without a candidate and a running mate.

14.APC cannot win in remaining wards if a non igala deputy governor candidate is sponsored to take the APC ticket.
15. Other parties will challenge the super imposition of another candidate without a valid primary by the APC on grounds that the deputy seems more recognized by law to represent the joint ticket.

16. And so on and so forth until the Supreme Court rules.

-Andrew Odan Agbese

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