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By Ikechukwu Obi

Yesterday, I heard james Faleke, late Audu’s running mate whom analysts say Tinubu brought from Lagos to Kogi, has formally written INEC and his party claiming victory in the polls. I was taken aback…shuo! Dis man no waste time to carry out his agenda o! Hehehe! I didn’t say anything o! Hehehe! But we go soon know how Audu kaput…hehehe!

Then there’s the man who came second in the APC primaries, Yahaya Bello who, in the manner of Nigerian politicians, hastily decamped to a little known SDP after losing the primaries. He is also claiming the APC ticket and by extension, the guber victory. And he’s Ebira…if you know Kogi state, you won’t want to mess with these people especially when they have what they consider a ‘valid’ claim.

A strong political current is also pushing for the replacement of late Audu with his son, Mohammed. Some Igalas say it will be respecting the memory of Audu to give a son-of-the-soil the ticket and who better than Audu’s son?

But the most ridiculous claim is that of the PDP candidate, incumbent Gov. Wada. He has filed a suit asking to be declared winner on a legally inexplicable argument that he came second in the election proper which was inconclusive. His case in incomprehensible!

Now, with all this confusion, you see why it would’ve been more expedient for the AGF to have approached the Supreme Court for interpretation instead of merely rendering his opinion which as I wrote in an earlier post, is within his rights as AGF.

It is contented that INEC is independent from the ‘control’ or ‘directive’ of the AGF but I saw his opinion as merely ADVISORY and not binding on INEC to follow in any way. That’s beside the issue anyway because the best option is to seek judicial interpretation of the issues considering the circumstances.

Or better still, cancel everything, primaries and elections, and start afresh completely.

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