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DO-OR-DIE POLITICS MUST END, By Na-Allah Mohammed Zagga


DO-OR-DIE POLITICS MUST END, By Na-Allah Mohammed Zagga


In all honesty, it would be a miracle for APC to defeat PDP in Bayelsa State. The APC administration should not repeat the mistakes of PDP of trying to win election at all costs, even in the most unlikely places. As a former opposition party, the APC was consistently critical of PDP’s desperate politics of stopping at nothing to win because it was the dominant party or the party in power. If you are ready to admit that it is impossible for PDP to defeat APC in its political strongholds of Lagos and Kano States, why would you entertain the idea that Sylva will defeat Dickson in Bayelsa State? I have not for one moment imagined that unlikely event, even if I have to bet my neck on it!

Change means a clean departure from the wrong ways of doing things in the past. The APC galvanized and mobilised Nigerians for change, including changing our ways of playing politics. The allegations of political skulduggery against APC in Bayelsa State unsettles me. Despite the fact that the PDP is remarkably taking the lead in the election, there are allegations of using soldiers and other security men by APC leaders to intimidate PDP supporters and snatch victory from them. If these allegations are true, then it is unfortunate.

It is not enough to preach against dirty politics in the past, and found to be doing the same thing against your opponents. The use of security men for political intimidation, for which the PDP was once notorious, should not manifest itself under an APC administration. APC must accept reality, and recognise that, despite being unseated at the centre, the PDP is still formidably strong in some States. Bayelsa is one of those States. It doesn’t take rocket science to know this reality.

Ignoring reality, and resorting to skulduggery to win even where your chances are slim, is fraught with problems because it feeds desperation, and desperation leads to bigger problems that undermine democracy. I didn’t from the beginning foresee how victimhood could have boosted Sylvia’s political fortunes against Dickson. Was his record in office so impressive to help him defeat incumbency factor? I am not certain about that. My appeal to APC leaders is that it should faithfully abide by its commitment to change by practising what it once preached.

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  1. Sani Baba Ahmad

    December 8, 2015 at 8:16 am

    This reason that I don’t reason with this zagga is that he easily blocked people for having contrary view from his opinion
    That’s why he doesn’t have much comments in his post need to advice him @ George

  2. George Onmonya

    December 12, 2015 at 9:46 pm

    Sani Baba Ahmad, I am sure he is reading this.

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