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Do We Appreciate Nigerian Arts?


Do We Appreciate Nigerian Arts?



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A lot of Nigerians appreciate arts, but quite a lot don’t, not because they don’t love arts but because they simply have no knowledge of arts and aesthetics. Go to the offices or home of the average Westerner and you will pictures and other artworks hanging on the wall. Western tourist travel just to see arts of other countries. Even though Nigeria has a very rich culture of arts, only a few coterie of people in our society seem to care about arts, aesthetic and beauty. art 12


We have local artists everywhere but how many people patronize their cheap beautiful arts? Quite a few. Only when we go to hotels and Museums sometimes that we see these things. In majority of our houses they are no artworks. You have more calendar of Jesus Christ and pastors than artworks and the next thing to artwork are family portrays here and there or drawings.

Africa with its rich culture and tradition is hardly appreciated by African.



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