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No religion supports our vices. We despise the drunkard and the prostitute, but glorify Shylock businessmen and white collar thieves that steal our family silver. They steal our money to build Churches and Mosques for us , and become our automatic heroes! They are frequently in Jerusalem and Mecca to ostentatiously display their religiosity, despite the fact that they have built themselves financially on the ruins of others. In the Church, the ordinary Nigerian has to vacate his seat for the big man, even though in the eyes of God, nobody is superior to another, except in piety and good deeds, according to Islamic teachings.

The unconscionable scale on which our leaders steal public funds with incredible effrontery gets me wondering if our religions influence our conducts. You cannot chant Allahu Akbar, calling God to bear witness to your hypocrisy while milking your people dry on account of your cupidity! You cannot scream Hallelujah, despite bringing misery and despair to others on account of your greed!

If these rogues truly believed in God, they would not be committing these unbelievable evils against the people. Because of their access to national resources, one crook can afford to buy a Jeep at 22 million naira while thousands in his town or village are economically gasping for breath! And when he throws peanuts at you like monkeys hanging on tree branches, he becomes your automatic hero, regardless of how he made his filthy lucre!

Crooks launder themselves through religion by donating to religious causes. Moral laundering and money laundering are basically the same. They both mean making something dirty look clean! These donations don’t in anyway mean they are God-fearing. In fact, when a man has no conscience, the fear of God is out of the question. When crooks wear their religions like their clothes, they easily dupe the people who accord them undeserving attention. If you believe in God, you don’t need EFCC to scare you or discourage you from stealing. They hold the Holy Qur’an and Holy Bible while being sworn into office, but the sanctity of their oaths evaporate once they formally settle into their seats. The dizzying sight of national resources at their command make their oaths of office take a secondary place of importance in their conducts. These crooks are loyal to one god: Mammon! Our gullibility feeds their audacity. A society that glorifies crooks because of their filthy lucre is its own worst enemy.

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